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Protect’s Lucy Letby Statement

Protect’s Lucy Letby Statement:  Time to review how whistleblowing is dealt with in the NHS  Our thoughts are with the families whose lives have been torn apart by the despicable crimes of Lucy Letby. We welcome the Government’s inquiry so that improvements can be made to the system, including how concerns are raised and addressed. … Read more

Bi-weekly News Round-Up/03 August

The fight against gagging clauses   Abusing NDAs to silence whistleblowers benefits no one. The fight to reform the use of gagging clauses continues. (Campaign Live)   Whistleblower consequences  Yet again, we are faced with another story of whistleblowers being ignored. It is crucial to protect those who bravely speak up in order to create an … Read more

Bi-weekly News Round-Up/14 July

Reflecting on whistleblowing Sinead Farrelly: Whistleblowing, car accidents & a World Cup with a broken hand – BBC Sport Whistleblowing is rarely easy – Sinead Farrelly reflects on her experiences and life after speaking out.  BBC backlash  Huw Edwards was secretly investigated by BBC colleagues before scandal erupted ( Huw Edward’s wife speaks up and … Read more

Bi-weekly News Round-Up/ 05 July

Whistleblower rewards  Whistleblower receives large compensation following detrimental effects of whistleblowing: bullying, harassment and intimidation. Hopefully a lesson learnt by Royal Mail to address whistleblowing concerns and support whistleblowers from the start.  (Personnel Today) NHS in need of change  NHS culture hitting a new low as senior members come forward expressing deep worries for the … Read more

72% of whistleblowers working in education say they faced some form of detriment or harm after whistleblowing

New research from the UK’s whistleblowing charity Protect shows too many whistleblowers working in schools are ignored and victimised for raising public interest concerns.  Schools should have a whistleblowing champion on the school board, training should be provided to all managers on how to properly listen and act on concerns.  Ofsted should be made a prescribed person … Read more

Protect Online Summer School

Elevate Your Expertise in Whistleblowing: Join the Upcoming Whistleblowing Training Summer School In the month of July, Protect is excited to announce our Whistleblowing Training Summer School, where you can unlock safe whistleblowing practices and become an invaluable asset in creating a robust speak-up culture. Are you passionate about or involved with fostering a culture … Read more

Impact Report 2022

Celebrating 30 years of supporting whistleblowers   In 2022 Protect advised almost 2,500 individuals and supported around 220 employers with their whistleblowing arrangements   Thursday 6th June 2023  The UK’s whistleblowing charity, Protect, celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2023 and today publishes its impact report and annual report for 2022. Launching its report, the charity highlights:  Protect … Read more

World Whistleblowers Day 2023

Paying People to do the Right Thing: The pros and cons of adopting US-style whistleblower rewards programmes. Should there be a financial reward for whistleblowing? Does this encourage speaking out or is it an effective shortcut for regulators? Does it create a system where money and not the public interest is the motivation? A whistleblowing … Read more

Bi-weekly News Round-Up/ 11 May

NHS falls short on  staff training   Just one of 199 trusts analysed in England has a specific sexual harassment module, a failure on the NHS’ behalf to protect members of staff from harm. Training should be mandatory in order to prevent victimisation. (The Guardian)  More sexual harassment whistleblowers  Alleged behaviour of Tesco Chairman dangerously … Read more

Weekly News Round-Up/ 21 April

More on CBI sexual misconduct  See Protect’s comment on recent CBI sexual misconduct and Tony Danker’s firing. (HR Grapevine)   Tech in trouble  Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistle-blower, made the world aware of the harm tech companies can cause. Since, what has changed and how has whistleblowing helped change it?  (Lawfare)  + Some top US … Read more