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If you’ve seen, heard or suspect wrongdoing in your workplace, or know of a serious risk or accident ‘waiting to happen’ - we can help. Speaking up can help stop the problem before it gets any worse. It could even prevent the wrongdoing happening in the first place.

Maybe you work in a bank or financial services and suspect fraud, or you have seen neglect or abuse in a care home. Perhaps you, or someone you know has told you about a serious public health risk to consumers, or you have been asked to take part in exam malpractice within a school. Protect advises across all types of sectors and industries, and draws on over 25 years of experience in helping workers raise concerns in an effective way, minimising risk to their own position.

All of our Advisers are legally trained and supervised by qualified lawyers. This advice is fully confidential and subject to legal privilege.  All information, including emails, or records we keep of telephone calls, letters, or any other form of communication with Protect Advisers is stored in a fully encrypted format.  Your data is as safe as possible.

If you would like one of our Protect Advisers to contact you, please complete the form below and one of our Advice Team will be in touch. Alternatively, contact us directly through the details provided on our Contact Protect Advice Line.

If you are looking for organisational support please either use our Business Support Contact form or visit our business support page.

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