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Advice Line Update – Which sectors do whistleblowers contact us from?

Protect’s Advice Line is a unique support to whistleblowers across the country, providing confidential legal advice, and practical guidance for free to those in need.    We receive calls from whistleblowers across the entire economy. However, we seem to receive a particularly high number of calls from whistleblowers working in the education, care, health, financial services, ... Read more

Interview: Blowing the whistle on racism, with Azeem Rafiq

In 2020, former professional cricketer, Azeem Rafiq blew the whistle on shocking institutional racism at Yorkshire County Cricket Club. He spoke with our CEO Liz Gardiner at Protect’s webinar for World Whistleblower Day 2022 about his experience of speaking up, the struggles he faced, the successes he achieved and what changes he wants to see ... Read more

Protecting national security at the expense of the public interest: a zero sum game. 

Protect Legal Adviser, Emma Darlow Stearn, responds to the governments new National Security Bill, highlighting the grave risk it poses to whistleblowing and the fight against corruption and wrongdoing. With no specific safeguards for whistleblowers and legal uncertainty regarding whistleblower liability, the National Security Bill (“the bill”), in its current form, is likely to have ... Read more

Whistleblowers need employment rights – In defence of PIDA

In this long read Protect Legal Director, Sybille Raphael, responds to recent attempts to scrap the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA). She explains why we oppose this move and why it is vital we continue to ensure whistleblowers in the workplace are protected by employment rights.   There have recently been proposals to repeal PIDA (the ... Read more

Protect May Newsletter

Our May Newsletter of 2022 is out now! Read about the Sue Gray Report and the toxic whistleblowing culture it reveals, the Queen’s speech and whistleblowing, a key Court of Appeal case with a massive impact on workers ability to speak up, and much more. Read the full newsletter here. All Blog PostsAdvice Line Update ... Read more

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Can you dismiss a whistleblower for a breakdown in the relationships that follows whistleblowing?

Protect volunteer Queenie Sit looks at the case of Kong v Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd to be decided by the Court of Appeal this month. The judgment will have a huge impact on workers' ability to speak up.    The Case of Kong v Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd In the case of Kong ... Read more

Sue Gray Report: another piece in a jigsaw showing a failing whistleblowing culture

Protect Head of Policy, Andrew Pepper-Parsons, reflects on the Sue Gray Report into Partygate, recently published in full on 25 May. He highlights how it provides further evidence of a failing whistleblowing culture in central government.  The much-anticipated Sue Gray report into lockdown parties in 10 Downing Street is one more piece in a jigsaw ... Read more

Advice Line Update – Victimisation of whistleblowers

Protect’s Advice Line is a unique support to whistleblowers across the country, providing legal advice, emotional support and practical guidance for free to those in need.   However, it also serves another key purpose. It provides incredibly important statistical information on how workers are treated when they raise concerns at work in the UK.  We record ... Read more

Whisteblowing and ESG

Protect Legal Adviser, Caitlin Comins, outlines the increasing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to employers, workers and consumers. She highlights how establishing effective whistleblowing processes is crucial for addressing all three areas.  This week’s public resignation from a senior consultant for Shell, because of the company’s “double talk” on climate change, drives home ... Read more
Helene Donnelly

‘Had a guide like this existed at Mid Staffs, lives could have been saved’

NHS whistleblower Helene Donnelly speaks about how the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide will help employers protect whistleblowers from abuse and why it is so vital for public safety and staff wellbeing that employers do so.   I think for me being involved with creating the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide has been quite cathartic. Having had experience ... Read more

Whistleblowing, where should we go? – The future of whistleblowing, international comparisons and proposed reforms in Protect’s draft Bill

At the ELA annual conference Protect Legal Director Sybille Raphael, delivered this speech, reflecting on the state of whistleblowing law, what needs to be improved to protect the interests of staff, employers and the public and why regulators are key to this. The Public Interest Disclosure Act was passed in 1998, five years after Protect, ... Read more

Mental health awareness week – Whistleblowing is a lonely business  

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Protect CEO Liz Gardiner reflects on the significant stress and isolation many whistleblowers face and the negative impact this has on their mental health.   At Protect, we hear from around 3,000 whistleblowers each year on our free, confidential legal Advice Line.  Callers raise concerns from charity governance to financial misconduct, ... Read more

Protect April Newsletter

Our April newsletter of 2022 is now out! It features details about our new publication: "Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation: a practical guide for employers" which provides unique advice to employers on how to protect whistleblowers. It also includes information about our launch webinar for the new guide, featuring NHS whistleblower Helene Donnelly, as well as new ... Read more

‘Organisations should want to hear uncomfortable truths’

Protect's Legal Director, Sybille Raphael, reflects on byrne·dean event 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which explored how employers can create a 'speak up' culture.    What makes it hard to raise concerns at work?    This was the central question asked at the byrne·dean webinar 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which Protect CEO Elizabeth Gardiner spoke at on 31 March 2022.   ... Read more

Preventing whistleblower victimisation benefits both staff and employers

Protect Legal Adviser, Rebecca Durkin, reflects on the significant abuse of whistleblowers in the UK and how our unique new guide will help employers address this problem.   Behind every scandal or story of wrongdoing, there will often be a whistleblower – someone who has brought the concerns about wrongdoing to light. Too often though, ... Read more

Whistleblowing – a rewarding act?

Rewarding whistleblowers financially for speaking up has been offered up by some as a panacea for fixing whistleblowing law. Here Protect volunteer Queenie Sit outlines our position, highlighting the severe limits of rewards in protecting and encouraging whistleblowers.   In the UK, whistleblowers bringing a claim under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (“PIDA”) before an ... Read more

It’s time to independently review Speak Up in the NHS

Protect's Head of Policy, Andrew Pepper-Parsons, details our response to the shocking findings of the Ockenden Report and calls for an independent review of Speak Up in the NHS. ‘If I could say anything to the families it would be that there were people who tried to make changes, we tried to escalate our concerns ... Read more

Fines will not create a new whistleblowing culture in central government

Protect Head of Policy, Andrew Pepper-Parsons, responds to reports that the Metropolitan Police will issue 20 fines to government officials over illegal parties held during lockdown.  If press reports are correct and 20 fixed penalties are due to be issued for breaches to lockdown laws at 10 Downing Street and Whitehall, then the scale of ... Read more

Protect March Newsletter

Our March newsletter of 2022 is now out! It features details of our work on the Economic Crime Bill to protect whistleblowers, new training courses, information on the updated ICC whistleblowing guidelines, updates on the French approach to the EU whistleblowing Directive, and details of a webinar on 28 April where we will be launching ... Read more

Protect Advice Line: a unique support for whistleblowers

Protect’s Advice Line is unique in two crucial ways:   1) The sheer volume of whistleblowers who contact it (more than 45,000 to date)    2) The support it provides.   To our knowledge, there are no other free legal advicelines for whistleblowers. We are unique in  providing in-depth expert advice on what rights whistleblowers have at their disposal ... Read more

France goes above and beyond for whistleblowers

Protect Legal Adviser, Emma Darlow Stearn, reflects on the significant legal protections provided to whistleblowers in France and how they can inform legal reform in the UK. It may be helpful to look across the channel for inspiration from France’s new whistleblowing law.   In 2019, the EU ‘whistleblowing’ directive was passed, setting a minimum standard ... Read more

Whistleblowing and Freedom of Expression: Personal Rights and Public Wrongs

Protect Legal Adviser, Isaac Heather, highlights the significant gaps in UK law when it comes to protecting free expression. As we continue to see tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, much of our day-to-day activity rightly feels utterly diminished in both its relevance and its significance.   One facet, one truth, one value that has had its ... Read more

The Economic Crime Bill

Protect Head of Policy, Andrew Pepper-Parsons, reflects on the Economic Crime Bill and what it means for whistleblowing and the fight against corruption in the UK. He also looks forward to the next Economic Crime Bill, which promises more comprehensive action to protect whistleblowers.  It should have happened sooner, and it should not have taken ... Read more

ICC Updates Whistleblowing Guidelines

Protect Business Support Executive, Grace Wilkin, responds to the ICC's updated whistleblowing guidelines, highlighting the key improvements. The ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) has just released its updated Guidelines on Whistleblowing for organisations. These come as part of the ICC’s initiative to fight corruption across all sectors.   These guidelines are an updated version of the ... Read more

The UK lags behind on Whistleblowing law: the case of Dr Chris Day

Protect Head of Advice & Advocacy, Bob Matheson, explains the case of Dr Chris Day and how it highlights the vital importance of reforms to UK whistleblowing law.   In 2018, Dr Chris Day contributed a blog for our website in which he described his whistleblowing story. It began: “One night in January 2014 I ... Read more

‘The world is not ready for whistleblowers yet’

Former lawyer at SBM Offshore, Jonathan Taylor, tells his story of whistleblowing within the oil industry and the attempts to silence him in his fight to expose economic crime. How I view my experience as a whistleblower depends on whether I focus on the impact of my action on corruption and kleptocracy or on myself.   ... Read more

‘There is in a simple, cheap way to detect and deter corruption and it lies with workers inside organisations.’

Protect Chief Executive Liz Gardiners sets out the key role whistleblowing plays in the fight against corruption in a  panel discussion with government anti-corruption champion John Penrose MP and Dame Margaret Hodge MP on 24th of February.   At Protect, we believe that whistleblowers provide a vital function in detecting and preventing corruption. Time after ... Read more

‘A great opportunity to share notes with some of the world’s foremost practitioners’

Protect's Head of Advice & Advocacy, Bob Matheson, reflects on Cork University Business School event on Whistleblowing and Advocacy Groups   On the 2nd March 2022, Protect’s Head of Advice & Advocacy spoke on a panel at Cork University Business School. The event – entitled Whistleblowing and Advocacy Groups – was one of a series ... Read more

Guest blog: Recognising whistleblower victimisation and why a change in the law is needed to end it

If you are reading this, the chances are that you have just become, or are thinking about becoming, a whistleblower or know a whistleblower You may have uncovered wrongdoing in your workplace. You may have asked for it to be addressed or are thinking of speaking up, but are worried that you will be subject ... Read more

Our first newsletter of 2022 is now out – and features details of our new training courses, a look back at key whistleblowing cases of 2021, an Advice Line case study and details of a webinar on 24 February we are co-hosting with law firm Leigh Day, ‘Tackling Anti-Corruption – is whistleblowing the first defence?’ … Read more

Speaking up stops harm, but is good for business too

Protect is a leading authority on whistleblowing. Back in the 90s, Protect (then called Public Concern at Work) lobbied for one of the world’s first whistleblowing laws, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, commonly referred to as PIDA. Back then, whistleblowing was not a concept many understood. Revolutionary at the time, PIDA today is out ... Read more

Our newsletter is out!

Our last newsletter of 2021 is out…. If you weren’t able to join us for our EU Whistleblowing Directive webinar, ‘Why it matters to us in the UK’ you can view the webinar here and read our article, ‘Implementing the EU Directive on Whistleblowing: Lessons learned from UK whistleblowing legislation PIDA’.  Read why we are concerned about Government … Read more

A new route to compensation for victims of corporate corruption overseas

Leigh Day partner, Paul Dowling, explains how a recent High Court judgment has created an affordable way for victims of corporate corruption overseas to claim damages in the English courts for the harm they have suffered   I represented Mr Amjad Rihan, a former partner of the accountancy firm EY (formerly Ernst & Young), in ... Read more

MP ethical standards shake up needs to include whistleblowing  

As the row over the conduct of MPs continues –  it is crystal clear central Government needs to toughen up ethical standards for public figures to deter malpractice.   Five former cabinet secretaries  – Robin Butler and his successors Richard Wilson, Andrew Turnbull, Gus O’Donnell and Mark Sedwill, – have all urged the government to adopt the recommendations of the ... Read more

Blowing the whistle on environmental damage – what workers need to know

The COP26 climate talks and the actions surrounding the conference, have served as a stark reminder that drastic action must be taken now to prevent climate catastrophe. As António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, warned at the beginning of the COP26, “Either we stop it, or it stops us.” At Protect, we recognise ... Read more

Disclosures, public interest & the Official Secrets Act

At Protect, we believe that whistleblowing is a bedrock of our democracy and crucial to holding the government accountable, detecting fraud and preventing serious wrongdoing. The Official Secrets Act 1989 (the “OSA”) ensures civil servants keep some key national security information confidential but should not prevent whistleblowing altogether. A workshop on ‘Civil Society, National Security, ... Read more

Regulator whistleblowing reports shows huge variation in case number and action taken

October is reporting month for ‘Prescribed Persons’ regulators who have a duty to publish their annual reports on the whistleblowing disclosures they receive each year, including information on the number of disclosures received, the number requiring further action, and the types of action taken – and the numbers received by regulators over 2020/21 varies widely.   Regulators designated ‘prescribed persons’ under UK whistleblowing law have  since 2017,   been required to publish ... Read more

Why fashion retailers should ‘be more Boohoo’ when it comes to operations and supply chain transparency  

We all learn from mistakes. Boohoo showed retailers what can happen when a ‘fashion house’ is not in order – Protect believes a transparency pledge may be the way forward. The Boohoo story of poor and Covid unsafe working practices broke during the height of the pandemic. Since then, an independent review by Alison Levitt … Read more

Facebook’s ‘big tobacco moment’ – will it U-turn to put people before profits? 

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen has rightly been commended for speaking out about her former employer accusing the platform of putting “astronomical profits before people” – claiming the big tech company knows about the harm of some of its products, but does nothing about them prioritising growth and its shareholders over the safety and wellbeing of its three-billion-plus users.  … Read more

Why NDAs need reform 

 Maria Miller MP, former Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, had the first reading of her 10-minute rule bill ( September 14) calling for the reform of non-disclosure agreements.  Miller’s Bill proposes to make it a basic principle of our legal system that no one, however powerful, can buy an employee’s silence if there are allegations of wrongdoing in ... Read more

Protect’s Head of Advice & Advocacy blogs on Lewis Silkin secondment 

Whilst Protect does a lot of work with businesses on helping them improve their whistleblowing arrangements, in my role as the Head of Advice, most of my typical day at Protect was previously spent supporting individuals. During my six-month secondment at law firm Lewis Silkin, which began in March, I worked across the Employment and Commercial Dispute Resolution ... Read more

Time to level up speaking up across all sectors

In a guest blog for the National Guardian’s Speak Up Month, Protect Chief Executive Liz Gardiner says ‘it’s time to level speaking up across all sectors’ The record number of healthcare workers speaking up to Freedom to Speak Up Guardians is good news for patient safety and for us all. Our mantra at Protect, the … Read more

Can a whistleblowing policy help prevent fraud and strengthen cyber security?

Cybercrime is one of the most disruptive frauds that organisations face so we need tools that improve protections for businesses – and indeed for customers, clients and the wider public affected by fraud. PWC’s global economic crime survey 2020 revealed fraud and economic crime are at record highs in the UK, and FCA and others … Read more

Our latest newsletter is out!

Our latest newsletter has been published – read about our shortlist for the Law Society’s ‘Excellence in Law Awards 2021’ for  ‘Excellence in upholding the Rule of Law’ and our work supporting whistleblowers during Covid. Toxic workplaces have been hitting the headlines over the past few months… if you work in HR, compliance, or oversee … Read more

‘I will take my Protect intern experience & knowledge onto my studies and future career’

Before my internship with Protect, I had to google ‘whistleblowing’ to understand what it is, as I had rarely heard it in the news or being spoken about in daily life. After three months of working as an intern, I have learned about whistleblowing laws and legislation, such as the Public Interest Disclosure Act, and … Read more

My Protect secondment – ‘a rewarding experience with a crack-team of experts’

Michael Szlesinger, a trainee solicitor at Lewis Silkin LLP, joined Protect for six months on secondment and shares his experience of his time with Protect. “When I started my secondment, I had little knowledge of employment law – let alone the niche area of whistleblowing law. Moreover, I came from a commercial law background, where … Read more

Whistleblowers – the lifeblood of democracy  

Brittany Winner, the sister of intelligence whistleblower Reality Winner, renowned Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and US whistleblowing lawyer, Mary Inman all came together to take part in a webinar hosted by journalist Martin Bright, Editor of the Index on Censorship, an organisation campaigning for freedom of expression to discuss the effect whistleblowers have on ... Read more

Why calling out wrong doing in the security and intelligence community needs reform

Last month former intelligence contractor whistleblower Reality Winner was finally released from jail for leaking classified information. But many argue  she and Chelsea Manning before her, had very little choice but to knowingly commit a crime by leaking information to the media. Whistleblowers in the security service in the UK and US need greater protections … Read more

Are judges a have, or have not when it comes to whistleblowing protection?

District Judge Claire Gilham gave the following presentation as part of our Let’s Fix UK Whistleblowing Law webinar, ‘Whistleblowing in the workplace – the haves & have-nots’ on 29 June “ I am what many people would regard is a bog-standard district judge. District judges are the general practitioner of civil courts. We deal with ... Read more

No Lugano Convention – what’s next for UK-EU whistleblowing disputes?

Introduction Cross-border disputes between the UK and its European neighbours have, thanks to Brexit, become that bit more complicated. The two main regimes governing jurisdiction in cross-border disputes, namely the Brussels I Regulation and the Lugano Convention 2007 ceased to apply in the UK as of 1 January 2021. The Brussels Regulation I sets out the ... Read more

Protect welcomes US intern Millie Camp

My name is Millie Camp, and I am a senior at the University of Texas at Austin double majoring in International Relations and Global Studies and Italian with a minor in Government from San Antonio, Texas. I am interning with Protect this summer under policy and communication, learning about whistleblowers, how the UK government and … Read more

Fearless speech will help reshape whistleblowing law

It is most fitting that a new whistleblowing research charity takes its name ‘Parrhesia’ from the moral concept that underpins its aims and objectives. Parrhesia is the Classical Greek principle of guaranteeing protection to those who speak the truth. It translates as ‘Fearless Speech’. Parrhesia brings together experts in academia, policy, and practice to make ... Read more

Protecting our Plates: Whistleblowing in the Food & Drinks Industry

What is the whistleblowing culture like amongst the food and drinks sector? What are the challenges?  Protect, the UK whistleblowing charity hosted a round table during National Food Safety Week (June 14-20) to find out more… Getting whistleblowing right, and truly embedding it into an organisation is not easy. From our experience, things go awry ... Read more

Whistleblowing in the workplace – the haves & have nots

Webinar: 29 June 5-6pm Non-Executive Directors, the self-employed, volunteers and job applicants are not protected by whistleblower protection – is it time to change? Join UK whistleblowing charity Protect in this latest webinar to debate why it is vital these groups who are key players in today’s workforce are protected by whistleblowing legislation. Protect will … Read more

Dear Monaco….

With the Euros well and truly underway, we are all enjoying some world class football and look forward to world champions France take on Germany today (June 15). Football, or rather footballers, over the past couple of years have become much more than sportsmen and women, and have used their celebrity status for good causes … Read more

Dear Croatia…..

As the Euros kick off and England gear up to take on Croatia this weekend, many across the globe will look forward – hopefully – to some world class football. Football, or rather footballers, over the past couple of years have become much more than sportsmen and women, and have used their celebrity status for ... Read more

Why is the Government waiting to reform UK whistleblowing law?

The Government is looking at evidence to conduct a review, so here are 4 compelling arguments from Protect for why reform is needed. ‘We do recognise how valuable it is that whistleblowers are prepared to shine a light on wrongdoing and believe that they should be able to do so without fear of recriminations. It ... Read more

The UK Government must push for the immediate release of UK whistleblower Jonathan Taylor

British whistleblower Jonathan Taylor has lifted the lid once again on corruption involving revenues emanating from the major British oil company BP, as reported in today’s Daily Telegraph. Extradition Fight Jonathan, a UK citizen, is currently fighting extradition to Monaco.  On arrival in Croatia on a family holiday in July 2020, he was initially detained … Read more

World Whistleblowers’ Day Webinar: Wellbeing for whistleblowers

This free webinar taking place on 23 June 1-2pm will bring together senior HR, compliance and risk representatives from organisations who are enthusiastic to demonstrate best practice with their speak up arrangements. Protect is the leader in employer support for whistleblowing arrangements. We are excited to launch our new Benchmark within this webinar and are ... Read more

Will the BBC learn to listen to whistleblowers?

Lord Dyson’s inquiry into Martin Bashir and the BBC has found that not only did Bashir commit a “serious breach” of BBC rules, he also found the BBC fell short of “integrity and transparency” in its failure to conduct a thorough investigation into Bashir’s conduct; their cover-up into such facts, and their failure to disclose ... Read more

Whistleblowing on workplace sexual harassment

The #MeToo movement has undoubtedly given courage to many others to come forward and call out unwanted, unwelcome sexual harassment in the workplace. It has also shown the sheer scale of it. At work, employers have a duty of care or responsibility to look after the wellbeing of their employees. Under the Equality Act 2010, ... Read more

Baroness Kramer Office of the Whistleblower Bill update includes reforming existing UK law  

Protect is not alone in its calls to update the UK’s whistleblowing law, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. On May 20, Baroness Kramer introduced a bill to establish an Office of the Whistleblower. Baroness Kramer had introduced a similar bill in the previous parliamentary session but it did not pass through the various stages ... Read more

Queen’s Speech fails to mention employment bill or whistleblowing

Protect is disappointed that today’s Queen’s Speech, which marks the start of 2021 Parliamentary session, failed to include the much anticipated employment bill or any mention of whistleblowing law reform – which the Government has pledged to review. The employment bill featured in the last Queen’s Speech but no proposals have been brought forward by … Read more

Speaking up, listening up. The need to change UK whistleblowing law.

This article is a summary of the speech delivered at 'Let's Fix Whistleblowing' launch event on 29th April 2021. To see highlights from the launch click here Today we are surrounded by the most tragic and catastrophic example of the failure to listen to a whistleblower, Dr Li Wenliang, when he said he was concerned ... Read more

Where does whistleblowing fit in the Ministerial Code?

The employment case between Home Secretary Priti Patel and former senior civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam may have concluded with a settlement agreement – but the case has thrown up many questions around whistleblowing culture within Government and reform of the Ministerial Code. The case has been reported to have been settled for £340,000 plus … Read more

Is the UK slipping behind internationally in whistleblowing protection?

‘We have delivered Brexit, and we will not use this new-found freedom to reduce worker’s rights’, was the response from Kwasi Kwarteng, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to speculation his Department was gearing for a review of employment law with an eye on reducing workers’ rights in the name of deregulation. ... Read more

Employers should do all they can to keep staff safe and avoid breaking Covid rules

Some employers are still demanding their staff go into offices when they don’t need to, putting their staff and others at risk. Alarming research by union, the TUC found one in five people going into their workplace unnecessarily. Worryingly, this is also backed up by what callers to our Advice Line are telling us too. … Read more

Why are so many charities toxic and so far away from good governance and healthy workplace cultures?

The past few weeks have not been pretty for the Third Sector. In January, the lnternational Development Committee published its report, Progress on tackling the sexual exploitation and abuse of aid beneficiaries, which found abuse of beneficiaries was rife. The report notes that since the Oxfam sex scandal ‘the Department for International Development, non-governmental organisations, private … Read more

Is the construction industry Building Safety Regulator ready?

Key building safety proposals from the Hackitt review following the Grenfell Tower tragedy will finally be implemented this year when the Building Safety Bill is made law. But many – Dame Judith Hackitt included – are urging the construction sector to start preparation now for the new measures coming into force by 2023. The public … Read more

Supporting our members over 2020

Despite the challenges, we look back on our 2020 work with satisfaction: we welcomed a number of organisations who chose to work with us and receive ongoing support as Members, including Ecclesiastical Insurance, Wolverhampton City Council, Northampton Fire & Rescue, UK Athletics, Bailey Group Glyndebourne, and the Sanger Institute, amongst others. Joining Protect as a ... Read more

A year like no other for Protect’s Advice Line

The 16 March 2020 will be remembered as a key moment in how Covid-19 affected the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that evening that all of the UK, if possible, should work from home. Effective immediately. For over a quarter of a century, Protect has been providing free legal advice to whistleblowers through … Read more

Lords debate HS2 heavy use of NDAs

Concerns over 300 Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) by HS2 railway line construction project has been debated in the House of Lords who say wide scale use of NDAs could be  ‘undermining public trust’ in infrastructure projects. NDAs are legal agreements that prevent the disclosure of commercial information by those who are signed up to them, but … Read more

Whistleblowing culture in central Government needs overhauling

The inquiry into bullying allegations by Home Secretary Priti Patel has led to much disquiet in Whitehall with questions raised about the state of whistleblowing culture within central Government.  The Home Secretary said she was not aware of allegations against her – this is troubling.  The report is unclear whether no one felt able to speak ... Read more

Misidentified whistleblowers – falling through the cracks

Whistleblowing serves a vital public function. It ensures that public interest wrongdoing in the workplace is called out, resolved and protects not only workers and employers but the public at large. Whistleblowers like Jonathan Taylor[1], Chris Day[2] and Clare Gilham[3] have helped expose issues of international corruption, poor patient care and failures in the justice ... Read more

‘To UK and other world authorities: what sort of example are you setting to would-be whistleblowers?’

UK national Jonathan Taylor blew the whistle in 2013 on a $275 million international network of bribes paid by his employers Monaco-based Dutch oil platform company SBM Offshore. His evidence was investigated by the UK Serious Fraud Office, investigators in Brazil and the Netherlands as well as the FBI and the US Department of Justice. … Read more

Law Commission back Protect proposals for Official Secrets Act reform

The Official Secrets Act (OSA) 1989  - used to protect government data from unauthorised disclosures by criminalising those that disclose such information without authority – has been a contentious law for many civil society groups, including Protect, who have long been calling for its reform. Protect has been calling for the introduction of a statutory ... Read more

Guest blog: Charity Sector Speak Up Network

The charity sector has seen a steady flow of incidents where it is likely that the outcomes could have been very different, and more constructive had there been a strong speak up culture within the organisations concerned. Key to this is charity trustees and senior managers proactively ‘listening up’ to concerns about wrongdoing and demonstrating ... Read more

Ellen DeGeneres Show staff latest to call out toxic workplace culture

Although strides have been made to put sexual harassment at work firmly on employers’ agendas, it must fatigue the advocates for workplace equality that it remains largely just that - an agenda item. The Ellen Degeneres Show scandal is the latest toxic workplace to showcase racism, bullying and sexual harassment. Three words which one would ... Read more

Whistleblower reveals maternity unit is still failing patients

The maternity unit at Basildon University Hospital has been ordered to carry out urgent improvements after a whistleblower anonymously raised serious concerns about patient safety to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Protect Adviser Rhiannon Plimmer-Craig explores what this latest scandal says about the culture of the health sector, how whistleblowers are treated and why whistleblowers … Read more

Complaints Commissioner Report supports Protect’s recommendations

The Financial Regulators Complaints Commissioner (an independent body responsible for reviewing the conduct of financial regulators in the UK) this month published a number of recommendations for regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in response to a whistleblower’s complaint about the FCA’s approach to their disclosure and how they had been treated. Protect welcome the … Read more

Covid-19 exposing good and bad whistleblowing practice in the retail sector

Covid-19 is exposing good and bad practice when it comes to sectors who put employee welfare first and foremost. Unsurprisingly, retail is not leading the way, as highlighted by the quite shocking reports of working conditions of Boohoo suppliers in Leicester. As the UK’s whistleblowing charity, we advise workers from all sectors. At the start … Read more

Whistleblower Reward Schemes: Who Really Benefits?

In March of this year, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced the creation of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (‘CJRS’). Protect’s Advice Line rapidly saw a spike in reports of “furlough fraud”, and, at the time of writing, handling nearly 300 calls with HMRC receiving 4,500 reports of fraud from whistleblowers[1]. This level … Read more

Mind the Gap: Have Whistleblowing Rules Improved culture within the financial sector?

Protect with the support of Slater & Gordon Lawyers has launched Silence in the City 2 (SITC2 2020), a new report examining whether whistleblowing culture within financial services organisations has improved following the introduction of Whistleblowing Rules by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This blog will examine what employers can learn from the research. Background: … Read more

Whistleblowers protect public services, says government fraud report

Local government procurement is big business, and in England alone costs the taxpayer £55 billion a year[1]. Even more staggering is the amount lost to fraud each year which is estimated to be between £275 million and £2.75 billion[2]. A recent report by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Department, in line with … Read more

Advice for Employers on World Whistleblowers Day

With World Whistleblowers Day  here (Tuesday, 23 June), the Business Support team at Protect has been reflecting on the work of employers who are commendably continuing to strive to achieve a strong and positive speak-up culture, and how those with best practice policies could use this national focus day to signpost employees to their arrangements. … Read more

Bullying and Whistleblowing

Far too often is bullying a prevalent concern in the workplace, which places a strain on workplace culture and leaves employees stressed. In the wake of a Cabinet Office investigation into the bullying behaviour of Home Secretary Priti Patel that is set to be concluded this week, the former Home Office permanent secretary Sir Philip … Read more

Building Confidence in the Regulatory System – or not?

In the UK, certain regulators are recognised as ‘prescribed persons’ by the government, for example the Care Quality Commission and the Health and Safety Executive. Being a ‘prescribed person’ means that an organisation can be approached to receive and handle specific concerns, as listed online. This matters for whistleblowers, as making a disclosure of information … Read more

Whistleblowers can stop new “furlough” fraud

The Covid-19 crisis has given rise to fast changing laws and regulations, and new loopholes and opportunities for fraud have emerged. Within a few weeks of the furlough scheme’s introduction, Protect has seen a rising trend in calls from whistleblowers concerned their employer is acting unlawfully. Whistleblowers will be vital in policing this scheme to … Read more

Covid-19, Social Media and Whistleblowing

Advice to health workers thinking of using social media to raise concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Media reports of whistleblowers being gagged, dismissed or threatened with dismissal for speaking out publicly about issues in the global pandemic are worrying, and we at Protect have voiced these concerns in a statement saying how short sighted this … Read more

Whistleblowing and Journalism

Whistleblowing is raising public interest concerns relating to wrongdoing, malpractice or risk in the workplace. This could be fraud in a bank, food hygiene concerns, or issues relating to patient safety. And whilst whistleblowing concerns are not limited to widescale wrongdoing, recent scandals in the media such as the NHS Shrewsbury maternity scandal and NHS … Read more

The way we work may have changed – but whistleblowing in the right way remains a constant

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way in which we work. Government guidance has led to the temporary closure of a number of businesses while others have been tasked with finding quick and effective ways to ensure that staff are able to work from home where possible and that business can continue as usual. For organisations … Read more

Time to reform gagging clauses

Gagging clauses have become quite the talking point thanks partly due to the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo era and countless other news stories exposing their misuse. Controversial debate around the use of gagging clauses, or NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and financial settlements to conceal sexual assault and harassment has tarnished the image of NDAs … Read more

Whistleblowing, transparency and activism

Academics, journalists, whistleblowers, advocates and members of the public gathered at The Shard for an event hosted by Warwick Business School recently to discuss the hurdles they faced in their own journeys and recent trends in whistleblowing. Protect’s Policy Officer, Laura Fatah, attended the event arranged by academics Marianna Fotaki and Iain Munro ( with … Read more

Why legal aid for whistleblowers is needed now

Research around whistleblowing claims under whistle blowing law, the the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) being brought before the employment tribunals point to a worrying figure of a 3% success rate. Discrimination cases also fare as badly, with age discrimination cases being even lower at 1%. Overall, employment tribunal actions have a success rate … Read more

Queen’s Speech represents a cross-road for whistleblowing protection

Today’s Queen’s Speech sees the UK Government commit through an Employment Bill to: ‘Protect and enhance workers’ rights as the UK leaves the EU, making Britain the best place in the world to work’. Details on what this will mean in practice are in short supply, and that includes what the future holds for reform … Read more

Protect’s draft Whistleblowing Bill will stop victimisation at source

Amjad Rihan raised concerns about his employer laundering money and was branded a troublemaker and dismissed. Howard Shaw raised concerns about the Met Police’s interview process and was removed from his unit and faced unfounded disciplinary action. Shahmir Sanni blew the whistle on Vote Leave’s campaign tactics and was outed as gay by Downing Street … Read more

A safe alternative to silence for employees

As the UK’s leading whistleblowing experts focussed on whistleblowing and the public interest we have a unique insight into both the organisational and the employee perspective of raising concerns. Our Advice Line – open Monday – Friday 9-6pm – is independent, confidential, and protected by legal privilege to ensure  whistleblowers can speak freely about their … Read more

Why it’s time to improve protections for whistleblowers

Once a ground-breaking law, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 which protects whistleblowers in the UK, and which has served as a benchmark for whistleblowing law, is being overtaken by newer, better and broader legislation, in Ireland and Australia, and the new EU Whistleblowing Directive which will be in operation by 2021. Unless the UK … Read more

Why We Need to Celebrate Workers Who Speak Up

Public consciousness has swung in favour of whistleblowers who speak up against wrongdoing as they shine a light on malpractice. This in turn has forced organisations to ensure that they have good governance arrangements in place to make them viable, ethical and competitive in today’s workplace culture. A Protect survey conducted by E&Y found 93% of organisations said they have formal whistleblowing arrangements in place however only 43% of UK workers were aware of … Read more

A day in the life at Protect by US intern Brooke Bunn

I am a student from the US, studying Psychology and Law, Societies & Justice, who has the amazing opportunity of living and working in the UK and joining the team at Protect for the next seven weeks as an intern. I had a good idea of the work Protect did, but it was not until … Read more

Whistleblowing: new regulations, new contexts, same old?

How can we better support whistleblowers and protect them from victimisation? Will new regulations change what we can hope for?  These were the themes of the CREW ( Centre for Research on Employment and Work) seminar: ‘Whistleblowing: new regulations, new contexts, same old?’ held at the University of Greenwich. However good the law or company … Read more

Voices of Justice International Conference

Protect attended the Voices of Justice International Conference on Corporate Crime Reporting and Whistleblower’s Protection, organised by the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity at Coventry University in partnership with Constantine Cannon, WhistleblowersUK and The conference, held to explore the close relationship between corporate crime reporting and whistleblowing within the public and private sector, … Read more

When leaking becomes whistleblowing and why the law makes no distinction

Is the revelation about Government splits over the role Huawei should play in the rollout of 5G technology within the secretive National Security Council (NSC), an act of reckless leaking, or brave whistleblowing? For many inside and outside of Government, this was a dangerous and corrosive leak. This was the first time the press has … Read more

Whatever you think of Assange, whistleblowers depend on press freedom

Julian Assange is back in the limelight, after seven years holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Most media and public attention has been focused on the man, while the war atrocities that Wikileaks revealed have not been addressed. Is Assange a hero? A criminal? Someone to be proud of and to defend, or someone who … Read more

Non-disclosure agreements: Zelda Perkins in conversation with Karon Monaghan QC

Zelda Perkins, former assistant to Harvey Weinstein, discussed non-disclosure agreements in a conversation with equality barrister Karon Monaghan QC at UCL recently. Protect adviser Dugald Johnson went along to hear the discussion. Zelda began by recounting how, after persistent sexual harassment, she and a colleague resigned from Miramax, Weinstein’s film company. She described that the … Read more

Kark Review recommendations to strengthen Fit and Proper Persons Test welcomed

Protect welcomes the Kark Review recommendations to give more teeth to the Fit and Proper Persons Test (FPPT) –  which is in place to ensure senior staff responsible for quality and safety of care are fit for their roles. Led by Tom Kark QC, the review, commissioned by the government, looks at how effective the … Read more

Government NDA proposals: a good place to start

In response to the #Metoo movement and scandals like the Presidents Club the government are consulting on limiting the use of confidentiality clauses  – also known as non-disclosure agreements  in sexual and racial harassment cases.    The Government’s announcement to Parliament on Monday (March 4) made it clear that non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have their legitimate … Read more

Digital gangsters and privacy rights – is it all too late?

You have more to worry about Facebook, Google and the like collecting your data than any information any government holds on you. That was the view of Mark Zaid, US Attorney who spoke at UCL’s conference on “Privacy and Data: Law and Practice” about the guardians of information in our “post-truth” world. He should know … Read more

When the authorities fail, journalists prevail

In June 1994, in small village in Northern Ireland, six Catholic men were shot dead at point blank range by loyalists, as they watched the World Cup in their local pub. The main shooter was accompanied by two others, and although within 24 hours the local residents had a strong indication of whom the murderers … Read more

War, Journalism and Whistleblowers: 15 years after Katharine Gun’s truth telling on the verge of the Iraq War’

28th March 2018 Katherine Gun blew the whistle on GCHQ spying on the UN Security Council, revealing an illegal attempt to undermine the democratic process and increase the appetite for war in Iraq. And she did it within 48 hours. The event ‘War, Journalism and Whistleblowers: 15 years after Katharine Gun’s truth telling on the … Read more

Social care needs a strong whistleblowing culture

18th April 2018 Social care in England is undervalued, underfunded and on the brink of collapse. Being old and in care can, for some people, feel precarious. The statistics showing the state of care homes across the UK are sobering. The Care Quality Commission regulator says almost one in four care homes are inadequate or … Read more

War, journalism and whistleblowers: 15 years after Katharine Gun’s truth telling on the verge of the Iraq war

Katherine Gun blew the whistle on GCHQ spying on the UN Security Council, revealing an illegal attempt to undermine the democratic process and increase the appetite for war in Iraq. And she did it within 48 hours. The event ‘War, Journalism and Whistleblowers: 15 years after Katharine Gun’s truth telling on the verge of the … Read more


Social care in England is undervalued, underfunded and on the brink of collapse. Being old and in care can, for some people, feel precarious. The statistics showing the state of care homes across the UK are sobering. The Care Quality Commission regulator says almost one in four care homes are inadequate or require improvement, while … Read more

What is Crowd Justice?

We all have legal rights, but it’s not always easy to access them. As Sir James Mathew, an Irish judge is said to have quipped, over one hundred years ago: in England, justice is open to all, “like the Ritz Hotel.” In 2015, with this in mind, a former UN lawyer founded CrowdJustice – the … Read more