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What we can help with:

What we can't help with:

  • As a legal advice service we offer free expert and confidential advice on how best to raise your concern and your protection as a whistleblower
  • We are experts in the specific legal rights that whistleblowers have at work, and are also able to advise on some other connected rights
  • Depending on our resources and policy priorities, we can act as a respected and trusted legal ‘third party’ e.g. writing to a regulator or Government
  • We do not advocate at the Employment Tribunal, so we cannot represent you in legal proceedings
  • We are not able to advise on all workplace legal rights but can signpost you to other services who will be able to help (for instance, if you are looking for advice on discrimination law)
  • We are not a regulatory body, so cannot investigate your whistleblowing concerns
  • As we have limited resources, we can only give advice as far as our resources allow

What is whistleblowing?

Find out how we define whistleblowing, whether it differs from 'speaking up', when it is best to raise a grievance and more.
Also, check out our video on the elements of a 'protected disclosure': when you raise concerns, what should you say so that your disclosure is more likely to be protected by whistleblowing law?

Legal Message

Information communicated to us has lawyer-client privilege – this means all communications between us and people who contact us for advice cannot be disclosed without the permission of the individual who contacted us. Protect is a legal advice service and our solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the regulatory body for solicitors in England and Wales.

What is PIDA?

Learn more about the UK law that protects whistleblowers

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