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Confidentiality Guide

Our new guidebook – written in collaboration with trade unions, lawyers, whistleblowers and employers – takes a deep dive into the issue of confidentiality. Including best practices and practical resources, the guide follows a comprehensive and manageable structure to steer your organisation to success using the most underestimated tool of all: whistleblowing.

What we do

Confidential advice for individuals

If you’ve seen, heard or suspect wrongdoing in your workplace, or know of a serious risk or accident ‘waiting to happen’- we can help.


Training & Consultancy

Working with Protect means your organisation is leading the way in good whistleblowing arrangements. Protect offers your staff a real alternative to silence, by giving them the confidence to speak up to stop harm.


Protect has over 25 years experience of campaigning for better legal protection and better public policy towards whistleblowers and the public interest concerns they are raising.

Just launched: a new whistleblowing assessment tool for SMEs

Learn more about our Whistleblowing Scanner and how organisations with an employee count between 50 and 250 will benefit from using it. 

Our Work


Press statement – Kings Speech: whistleblowing, employment rights and a duty of candour

Reacting to the Kings Speech today, Elizabeth Gardiner, Chief Executive of whistleblowing charity Protect said: “We welcome the introduction of a new #EmploymentRights bill, this is an opportunity for the government to fulfil its commitment to improve whistleblowers’ rights. Too many people in today’s workplace don’t have any protection if they speak up to stop harm.”

Press statement – former MP Johnny Mercer ‘Protector of whistleblowers’

The former Veterans’ Minister Johnny Mercer has had his application to withhold the names of whistleblowers rejected by a public inquiry. Mr Mercer, the former Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, has repeatedly refused to name “multiple officers” who told him about alleged special forces murders in Afghanistan.

Whistleblowing charity, Protect, advises BBC Casualty on whistleblowing storyline. 

The whistleblowing charity, Protect, is proud to have supported the BBC Casualty production team in understanding the practicalities of whistleblowing law for the drama’s most recent storyline “Breaking Point”. The multi-episode storyline features a controversial documentary exposé including secretly leaked recorded footage and an internal witch hunt for the whistleblower responsible.

Let's fix UK Whistleblowing Law

The UK whistleblowing law – the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) – is out-of-date. Let's fix it.

People we've helped

When settlement is the preferred outcome

Helena* worked in the distribution factory of a well-known food company. She was an agency worker, so effectively worked for both her agency and the distribution factory as both played a role in determining the terms of her engagement. At work, Helena noticed a culture of racism including racist language being used by senior members of staff, as well as working practices which disadvantaged Muslim workers.

How you can help

We receive no government funding and need your support to reach out to more workers and ensure they are empowered to speak up to protect us all.

Our most recent blogs


New government, new opportunities

As the dust settles on a dramatic election night, thoughts now turn to what a Labour Government will do. With early indications of a planned Employment Bill, and proposals to abolish the qualifying period for unfair dismissal rights and end exploitative zero-hours contracts, it’s clear this government is looking at far reaching reform.

How whistleblowing can help your ESG strategy

No business is immune from ESG risks, if only because of consumer consciousness, staff pressure, regulators’ and investors’ expectations. How an organisation treats its people, how it impacts and influences its communities and its environment are questions that can’t be ignored anymore: businesses are being held accountable for their social and environmental footprints. 

Taylor Swift CD cover - Reputation

What can Taylor Swift teach us about whistleblowing?

Pop megastar Taylor Swift is currently taking Europe by storm with her hotly anticipated ERAs tour. While her ever-faithful fans, known as “Swifties”, are there for the music and spectacle – as strange as it sounds – is there anything the pop princess can teach us about whistleblowing?

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