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Tech Workers Guide

A Tech Workers Guide to Whistleblowing

What is the Tech Workers Guide?

A Tech Workers Guide to Whistleblowing is a practical and legal guide to raising whistleblowing concerns and has been drafted in partnership with the Signals Network and Whistleblowing International Network. It offers guidance on whistleblowing in the workplace to help you raise concerns safely and with maximum impact. 

The Guide aims to help you make informed choices by providing a concrete and balanced overview of the whistleblowing landscape and highlighting organisations and resources that offer support. While the information is universal in its application, the focus is on legal and practical guidance for those working in tech given the sector’s need of transparency and greater attention to the public interest. Whether you work at a tech company as a senior engineer, warehouse handler, content moderator, Human Resources lead, or in any other role across the Tech sector, this Guide should be both useful and accessible to you. 

Why speak up? 

At a time of growing concerns around tech accountability and AI governance, it’s essential that those working in the tech sector understand the safest way of speaking up and the legal protections in place. Whistleblowing plays a central, but often overlooked position in technology law and policy. The tech industry is known to be largely secretive, and whistleblowing plays a vital part to inform regulators, lawmakers and the wider public about issues of concern. With growing concerns over how technology affects our everyday lives, we need to use every tool in the box to stop harm. Speaking up – or whistleblowing – is one of these tools. 

How can you use this Guide? 

The Guide is designed to be used if you are thinking about blowing the whistle. It covers all topics and issues that you may need to think about when raising or escalating a concern. The Guide is interactive and allows you to review the content that is most relevant to your situation. Whistleblowing can be risky and we would recommend that you seek advice from Protect’s free and confidential Advice Line before raising concerns. 

Irish and US Editions of the Tech Works Guide to Whistleblowing have also been produced, available here.