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Bi-weekly News Round-Up/03 August

The fight against gagging clauses  

Abusing NDAs to silence whistleblowers benefits no one. The fight to reform the use of gagging clauses continues. (Campaign Live)  

Whistleblower consequences 

Yet again, we are faced with another story of whistleblowers being ignored. It is crucial to protect those who bravely speak up in order to create an effective law enforcement system. (Romford Recorder)

+ The consequence of whistleblowing can be devastating. Whistleblowers have lost money, careers and family for speaking out to stop harm. (Yorkshire post)

How to…sector specific whistleblowing 

The whistleblower’s ‘duty of candour’ often has detrimental consequences. How can we protect NHS whistleblowers? (Herald Scotland)

+ The BMA has released an imperative guide for trade unionists looking to blow the whistle and employers supporting them in doing so. (British Medical Association

Cybersecurity whistleblowing let’s talk about it 

In August 2022, Twitter’s, Peiter Zatko, filed an 84-page whistleblower complaint with the US Securities in which he claimed the company misled the public on bots and spam issues. A year later, what are we doing to protect security whistleblowers at the forefront of keeping digital spaces safe? (CSO)

Greenwashing  guilty verdicts  

A survey of 125 Irish firms reached the disappointing conclusion that less than one third of them adhere to EU sustainability rules. (MSN)

+ Are current UK policies effective at addressing greenwashing? (Carbon Pulse)

Fears for Bibby Stockwell 

Can we count on whistleblower fire safety concerns being heeded to prevent a second Grenfell adjacent tragedy? (Mirror)