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Template – Disclosure to the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority 

Dear [FCA Intelligence Department / PRA Whistleblowing team],

[In light of your role as a prescribed person under the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) 1998] I am writing to you to raise a whistleblowing concern in respect of [name of firm or individual(s) whom your report concerns].

At this point, you may wish to provide the FCA/PRA with any relevant background on your firm’s activities.

I am concerned that [person(s) involved] has [describe the wrongdoing].

I believe that, as a result, [name of firm or individual(s)] [“has failed” / “is failing” / “is likely to fail”] to comply with a legal obligation to which [“he” / “she” / “it”] is subject.

Here, where relying on failure to comply with a legal obligation under PIDA (as proposed by the above language), you should seek to identify the particular legal obligation which you believe has been, is being, or may be breached. For example this may be a rule set out in legislation, or it may be contained in the FCA Handbook or the PRA Rulebook.

This has been going on for [length of time] and has been taking place at [location where the wrongdoing has been occurring, e.g. your firm’s office].

The impact of this is [describe any impact the wrongdoing has, for example on the firm, its customers, or the wider financial markets].

I have the following supporting documents/evidence which I can share with the [“FCA” / “PRA”]:
• [without proactively seeking further information, list the supporting documents or evidence you already have in your possession, which you are able to share with the FCA/PRA]
• [•]
• [•]


I am raising these concerns with you anonymously and would be grateful if you could provide me with a reference number which I can use when contacting you anonymously again.


My [email address / telephone number / home address] is [•] and my preferred method of contact is [•].

Best wishes,

[Your name / “Anonymous”]