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Which whistleblowing measures survived the wash-up?

With political parties thrown into campaigning mode with the calling of a general election any outstanding Government announcements, policy decisions and most importantly, legislation going through Parliament, have been put on hold – many permanently. This blog provides a rundown of the whistleblowing law changes and policy decisions that have been delayed, cancelled or have survived the calling of the general election.  

London Legal Walk 2024

In Protect’s 30th year we supported over 3,000 new whistleblowers, and our advisers had almost 20,000 phone calls and email exchanges with callers to our advice line. Each one of those interactions costs Protect about £30 and we need your help to raise funds to ensure we continue to provide the UK’s only free, confidential, legal advice service for whistleblowers.

Can civil servants ever blow the whistle to the press?

Josie decided to go to the media after a junior civil servant, Raphael Marshall, reached out to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee with evidence of Foreign Office failings. Feeling “humbled” that a junior colleague had been brave enough to speak out, Josie gave an anonymous interview and leaked emails to the BBC to corroborate what he had said. Like so many other whistleblowers, she paid a heavy price for speaking out

Open and transparent: Protect welcomes new enforcement rules from the FCA

Recently, the Chancellor made it known that he was not happy with the Financial Conduct Authority ‘s new proposals. Under the proposals, the regulator would publicly announce when they open an investigation into a firm – if they decided it was in the public interest to do so. They already have powers to do so, but only in exceptional circumstances.

Environmental Governance and Whistleblowing (This event took place on the 05/06/2024)

Join us on Wednesday 5 June, 8:30-10:00AM, for a breakfast briefing in partnership with Slaughter and May to hear from Philippa O’Malley, Partner Slaughter and May, Moira Thompson Oliver, Senior Counsel Slaughter and May and Sybille Raphael, Legal Director at Protect on how to adopt and embed robust whistleblowing arrangements as part of your environmental governance strategy.

Whistleblowing charity, Protect, becomes accredited CPD provider. 

The whistleblowing charity Protect has been recognised as an accredited CPD (Continued Professional Development) provider for four of its instructor led training courses. With this quality of stamp of approval delegates to Protect’s training courses can attend training confident that they can develop and demonstrate their professional development enhancing their understanding and knowledge to help them make better decisions when receiving whistleblowing concerns.

The damage and dangers of sexual harassment in the workplace.

From advertising and fashion to the music industry, every sector is now seemingly having its own #MeToo moment. One of the latest embroiled in scandal is the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service where matters have advanced so far that the Welsh Government has been forced to step in and take over. Another stark reminder that culture really matters and there needs to be a duty to investigate claims for all organisations.