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Press statement – Kings Speech: whistleblowing, employment rights and a duty of candour

Reacting to the Kings Speech today, Elizabeth Gardiner, Chief Executive of whistleblowing charity Protect said: “We welcome the introduction of a new #EmploymentRights bill, this is an opportunity for the government to fulfil its commitment to improve whistleblowers’ rights. Too many people in today’s workplace don’t have any protection if they speak up to stop harm.”

Press statement – former MP Johnny Mercer ‘Protector of whistleblowers’

The former Veterans’ Minister Johnny Mercer has had his application to withhold the names of whistleblowers rejected by a public inquiry. Mr Mercer, the former Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, has repeatedly refused to name “multiple officers” who told him about alleged special forces murders in Afghanistan.

How whistleblowing can help your ESG strategy

No business is immune from ESG risks, if only because of consumer consciousness, staff pressure, regulators’ and investors’ expectations. How an organisation treats its people, how it impacts and influences its communities and its environment are questions that can’t be ignored anymore: businesses are being held accountable for their social and environmental footprints. 

A to Z of Whistleblowing

To mark World Whistleblowers Day, 23rd June, we turned our social media channels into a whistleblowing alphabet – starting with A for Anti-Slapp and ending with Z for Gen Z. The language surrounding whistleblowing can be complex. Legal jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms are an intrinsic part of the world of whistleblowing and we wanted to break some of this down in accessible and digestible ways.

Whistleblowing manifesto commitments

As momentum grows ahead of the General Election we’ve done the hard work – so you don’t have to – to pick out the major parties’ key policies and commitments relating to whistleblowing. While tax, the NHS, and immigration may have dominated the mainstream coverage, at Protect we have a laser-focus on what the parties are saying about whistleblowing and the promises they’re making.

Which whistleblowing measures survived the wash-up?

With political parties thrown into campaigning mode with the calling of a general election any outstanding Government announcements, policy decisions and most importantly, legislation going through Parliament, have been put on hold – many permanently. This blog provides a rundown of the whistleblowing law changes and policy decisions that have been delayed, cancelled or have survived the calling of the general election.  

BBC Casualty – A whistleblowing storyline

A controversial documentary exposé, a staff member sharing secretly recorded footage, a witch hunt for the source of a leak, mis-directed disciplinary action and mis-identified whistleblowers. BBC Casualty’s Breaking Point storyline had it all, and Protect was there hand-in-hand with the script writers through the production process making sure their plots and ideas were realistic, while maintaining the power of drama.