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‘Had a guide like this existed at Mid Staffs, lives could have been saved’

NHS whistleblower Helene Donnelly speaks about how the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide will help employers protect whistleblowers from abuse and why it is so vital for public safety and staff wellbeing that employers do so.   I think for me being involved with creating the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide has been quite cathartic. Having had experience ... Read more

Whistleblowing, where should we go? – The future of whistleblowing, international comparisons and proposed reforms in Protect’s draft Bill

At the ELA annual conference Protect Legal Director Sybille Raphael, delivered this speech, reflecting on the state of whistleblowing law, what needs to be improved to protect the interests of staff, employers and the public and why regulators are key to this. The Public Interest Disclosure Act was passed in 1998, five years after Protect, ... Read more

Mental health awareness week – Whistleblowing is a lonely business  

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Protect CEO Liz Gardiner reflects on the significant stress and isolation many whistleblowers face and the negative impact this has on their mental health.   At Protect, we hear from around 3,000 whistleblowers each year on our free, confidential legal Advice Line.  Callers raise concerns from charity governance to financial misconduct, ... Read more

Protect April Newsletter

Our April newsletter of 2022 is now out! It features details about our new publication: "Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation: a practical guide for employers" which provides unique advice to employers on how to protect whistleblowers. It also includes information about our launch webinar for the new guide, featuring NHS whistleblower Helene Donnelly, as well as new ... Read more

‘Organisations should want to hear uncomfortable truths’

Protect's Legal Director, Sybille Raphael, reflects on byrne·dean event 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which explored how employers can create a 'speak up' culture.    What makes it hard to raise concerns at work?    This was the central question asked at the byrne·dean webinar 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which Protect CEO Elizabeth Gardiner spoke at on 31 March 2022.   ... Read more

Preventing whistleblower victimisation benefits both staff and employers

Protect Legal Adviser, Rebecca Durkin, reflects on the significant abuse of whistleblowers in the UK and how our unique new guide will help employers address this problem.   Behind every scandal or story of wrongdoing, there will often be a whistleblower – someone who has brought the concerns about wrongdoing to light. Too often though, ... Read more

Whistleblowing – a rewarding act?

Rewards for whistleblowers have been offered up by some as a panacea for fixing whistleblowing law. Here Protect volunteer Queenie Sit outlines our position, highlighting the severe limits of rewards in protecting and encouraging whistleblowers.   In the UK, whistleblowers bringing a claim under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (“PIDA”) before an Employment Tribunal may ... Read more

It’s time to independently review Speak Up in the NHS

Protect's Head of Policy, Andrew Pepper-Parsons, details our response to the shocking findings of the Ockenden Report and calls for an independent review of Speak Up in the NHS. ‘If I could say anything to the families it would be that there were people who tried to make changes, we tried to escalate our concerns ... Read more

Fines will not create a new whistleblowing culture in central government

Protect Head of Policy, Andrew Pepper-Parsons, responds to reports that the Metropolitan Police will issue 20 fines to government officials over illegal parties held during lockdown.  If press reports are correct and 20 fixed penalties are due to be issued for breaches to lockdown laws at 10 Downing Street and Whitehall, then the scale of ... Read more

Protect March Newsletter

Our March newsletter of 2022 is now out! It features details of our work on the Economic Crime Bill to protect whistleblowers, new training courses, information on the updated ICC whistleblowing guidelines, updates on the French approach to the EU whistleblowing Directive, and details of a webinar on 28 April where we will be launching ... Read more