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Advice for Union Reps supporting migrant whistleblowers

Protect was contacted by a Union representative who was supporting a group of migrant workers in a care home. They sought our support on the whistleblowing aspects of their members’ cases.   The members were not UK nationals and had obtained jobs through a recruitment agency. They were made to pay a significant amount in recruitment ... Read more

Health and Safety gone mad?

Helen (not their real name) worked as a hardware trainer at various sites across the UK. She would train the staff on how to use the equipment safely. Helen became increasingly alarmed by the dangerous equipment she saw on site and how staff were being subject to unsafe working conditions. This included observing defective, broken ... Read more

The cost of victimisation

Kevin (not the whistleblower’s real name) became concerned that his employer’s general approach of selling products to customers could be seen as mis-selling.   He raised his concerns to more senior managers at the company but was met with indifference, with a Director telling him he personally would accept the risk of such practices. Kevin felt that ... Read more

Poor practice at the practice? 

Michael worked at a dental practice and called us because he had some concerns about the practice. He was worried about the safety of the building and that staff were not ensuring instruments were suitably clean and sterile before use with patients.   Managers had failed to take these concerns seriously when Michael spoke to ... Read more

Charity worker raises furlough fraud concerns

Thomas has worked for a charity providing services for young people for six years. He called with concerns that the charity had committed furlough fraud- he was asked to agree to backdate documentation stating that he had been on furlough during a period when, in fact, he had been working. Thomas raised this issue with his manager who dismissed his concerns, refusing ... Read more

Supermarket worker speaks up about health and safety concerns

Graham (not his real name) worked in a managerial role at a supermarket and became concerned about the supermarket’s health and safety practices. He saw examples of staff working in unsafe conditions, with their own health and safety being disregarded. Food produce regulations were not being followed, such as frozen food being sold after it … Read more

Teacher speaks up over student safeguarding concerns

Niamh (not her real name) was a teacher in a special needs school and had safeguarding concerns surrounding the behaviour of one of the other teachers at the school. Niamh witnessed a teacher showing her colleagues a sexually explicit image of one of the students. The same teacher also spoke inappropriately about her own sex ... Read more

Food factory worker raises concerns over lack of COVID-19 safety measures

Katie (not her real name) was a manager in a food manufacturing factory. She had a number of health and safety practice concerns around COVID-19. While Katie’s employer had some safety measures in place, she was concerned that the factory had not been effectively cleaned and decontaminated, and several employees had tested positive for COVID-19 ... Read more