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Interview: How do we fix speak up in the NHS? With Georgina Charlton

After the shocking findings of the Ockenden Review into the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust about the state of maternity services, many have questioned the merits of the whistleblowing system in the NHS and demanded change to improve patient safety and workplace conditions. For World Whistleblowers’ Day, our CEO Liz Gardiner interviewed Georgina Charlton, a ... Read more

Interview: Blowing the whistle on racism, with Azeem Rafiq

In 2020, former professional cricketer, Azeem Rafiq blew the whistle on shocking institutional racism at Yorkshire County Cricket Club. He spoke with our CEO Liz Gardiner at Protect’s webinar for World Whistleblower Day 2022 about his experience of speaking up, the struggles he faced, the successes he achieved and what changes he wants to see ... Read more

‘Had a guide like this existed at Mid Staffs, lives could have been saved’

NHS whistleblower Helene Donnelly speaks about how the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide will help employers protect whistleblowers from abuse and why it is so vital for public safety and staff wellbeing that employers do so.   I think for me being involved with creating the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide has been quite cathartic. Having had experience ... Read more

Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation: Guide Launch and Panel Discussion

Victimisation of whistleblowers is rife in the UK. Roughly 65% of whistleblowers who contact our advice line are abused for speaking up at work. At this event, NHS Whistleblower, Helene Donnelly OBE, Global Head of anti-corruption at Oxfam, Andy Watson and Natwest Head of Speak Up, Andy Noble explore why protecting whistleblowers is so vital ... Read more

NI Whistleblower paid £1.25 million by DAERA – Protect calls for NI Civil Service to review whistleblowing arrangements

On Sunday 24 April 2022, it was revealed that a Northern Irish whistleblower, Dr Tamara Bronckaers, has been paid £1.25 million in compensation by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). Believed to be one of the biggest whistleblower settlements in Northern Irish history the agreement follows a long and exhausting fight for ... Read more

The cost of victimisation

Kevin (not the whistleblower’s real name) became concerned that his employer’s general approach of selling products to customers could be seen as mis-selling.   He raised his concerns to more senior managers at the company but was met with indifference, with a Director telling him he personally would accept the risk of such practices. Kevin felt that ... Read more

Whistleblowing – a rewarding act?

Rewarding whistleblowers financially for speaking up has been offered up by some as a panacea for fixing whistleblowing law. Here Protect volunteer Queenie Sit outlines our position, highlighting the severe limits of rewards in protecting and encouraging whistleblowers.   In the UK, whistleblowers bringing a claim under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (“PIDA”) before an ... Read more

Protect launches “Preventing Whistleblowing Victimisation: A guide for employers”

We have developed a new guide in response to queries from employers about how they should respond to the victimisation of whistleblowers, or, better yet, prevent it from happening in the first place.  “Preventing Whistleblowing Victimisation: A practical guide for employers” sets out insightful advice for employers of all sizes and across all sectors on how to prevent retaliation against whistleblowers in their organisations. It ... Read more