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The Challenges and Opportunities of Whistleblowing on Social Media Whistleblowing in the UK is typically split into three categories – disclosures made internally to your employer, externally to prescribed persons such as regulators, and externally to anyone else. The latter are known as “wider disclosures” and include raising concerns with non-prescribed regulators, going to the … Read more

Whistleblowing Summer School

Elevate Your Expertise in Whistleblowing Join the Whistleblowing Training Summer School In the month of July, Protect is excited to announce our Whistleblowing Training Summer School, where you can unlock safe whistleblowing practices and become an invaluable asset in creating a robust speak-up culture. Are you passionate about or involved with fostering a culture of … Read more

Smells like Teen Whistleblowing

Generation Z is the first demographic cohort to have grown up with access to the internet. How will those of us born between 1995 and 2010 impact the future of whistleblowing? Will “woke snowflakes” raise the alarm at the drop of a beanie or has unrelenting exposure to global tragedy desensitised ‘Zoomers’? Whistleblowing is more … Read more