Stronger new laws for EU leaves UK whistleblowers behind

6th September 2018

UK whistleblowers will be ‘Brexit casualties’ as the EU gets set to shake up whistleblowing bringing in ground-breaking legal measures protecting both public and private sectors. The EU move on introducing a whistleblowing Directive – set to be made into whistleblowing legislation and policy – follows years of campaigning by NGOs, trade unions and journalists […]


Protect welcomes new financial reporting council (FRC) governance code

Protect has welcomed a new UK Corporate Governance Code by the FRC which is hoped will strengthen whistleblowing in the workplace. Protect Chief Executive, Francesca West said, “We are pleased the FRC took on our board our recommendations as whistleblowing is vital for a transparent and accountable organisation.” Following consultation, the new shorter, sharper Code, […]


PCaW turns 25 and changes name to Protect

5th September 2018

We turn 25 this year - in October - and mark our anniversary with a new look and name, changing from Public Concern at Work, to Protect. Protect Chief Executive Francesca West, said, “ We aim to protect workers’ rights, organisations' reputations, and wider society, by encouraging safe and responsible whistleblowing. We believe that whistleblowing […]


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