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Bi-weekly News Round-Up/ 05 July

Whistleblower rewards 

  • Whistleblower receives large compensation following detrimental effects of whistleblowing: bullying, harassment and intimidation. Hopefully a lesson learnt by Royal Mail to address whistleblowing concerns and support whistleblowers from the start.  (Personnel Today)

NHS in need of change 

  • NHS culture hitting a new low as senior members come forward expressing deep worries for the future of NHS. Will this strike a chord and finally result in change? (STV News)
  • Another report of the NHS failing to support whistleblowers and address whistleblowing concerns. How many reports will it take for reform to follow? (BBC News)

Steps in the right direction 

  • Whistleblowing in Brighton and Hove rubbish and recycling depot results in independent inquiry. It is positive to see this organisation takes whistleblowing concerns seriously and enlists appropriate action. (Brighton and Hove News)
  • Local council in Swindon shows commendable steps to promote whistleblowing – a decision all local councils should take. (Swindon Advertiser)
  • If you are looking to change your workplace culture, this outlines crucial ways to go about it. (Lexology)

Recommended reads 

  • Whistleblowing is key to building trust between employer and employee. This article articulates exactly how that is done.(BDaily News)