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Press statement – former MP Johnny Mercer ‘Protector of whistleblowers’

The former veterans’ minister Johnny Mercer has had his application to withhold the names of whistleblowers rejected by a public inquiry.

Mr Mercer, the former Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, has repeatedly refused to name “multiple officers” who told him about alleged special forces murders in Afghanistan.

Sir Charles Haddon-Cave who is chairing the Afghan Inquiry said in his ruling said Mr Mercer told the inquiry he was a “protector of whistleblowers”.

Mr Mercer now has until 25 July to hand over the names to the inquiry, or risks the case being referred to the High Court.

Elizabeth Gardiner, Chief Executive of whistleblowing charity Protect, said:

“This is a complex case but if you can’t trust an MP to protect whistleblowers, who can you trust?

We’re very disappointed with this ruling. We fear it may have the chilling effect that other whistleblowers will not come forward to their MPs with serious and criminal concerns.

Members of the armed forces don’t have the same protections as civilian employees if they’re victimised because they’ve blown the whistle.  Why does the inquiry need to speak to these fearful individuals, when they’ve already bravely spoken up to their MP who has passed on the information to the inquiry?

MPs are given a special status as “prescribed persons” in employment law for the very reason that we want whistleblowers to raise concerns to them so that harms can be stopped, or wrongs addressed.

There is no public interest in threatening an MP with prison for trying to protect their sources.”

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