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Protect Online Summer School

Elevate Your Expertise in Whistleblowing: Join the Upcoming Whistleblowing Training Summer School

In the month of July, Protect is excited to announce our Whistleblowing Training Summer School, where you can unlock safe whistleblowing practices and become an invaluable asset in creating a robust speak-up culture. Are you passionate about or involved with fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within your organisation? Do you want to enhance your skills and knowledge in handling and investigating whistleblowing concerns?  

Protect online summer school 12th July to 26th July 2023

Transformative Sessions:

The three consecutive training sessions delve deep into the core elements of the whistleblowing process. Each session is designed to provide you with practical insights and hands-on experience necessary to implement best practices from day one. The sessions are as follows: 

If you attend all three, you will receive a certificate from Protect that showcases your commitment to learning and new expertise in organisational whistleblowing best practices. 

Importance of a Speak-Up Culture:

If you hold a pivotal role in legal, compliance, risk, HR, ethics, or auditing, you already understand the significance of fostering a trusted and transparent speak-up culture. Your employees serve as the first line of defence, reporting wrongdoing and malpractice, ultimately safeguarding your organisation against reputational damage. 

Practical Learning and Real-World Case Studies:

Our training program goes beyond theoretical concepts. Led by experienced Legal Advisers, our sessions immerse you in practical exercises and real-world case studies. You will gain the necessary expertise to handle, investigate, and support whistleblowers effectively. Our Legal Advisers possess in-depth knowledge of employee rights, the Public Interest Disclosure Act, and advising individuals and organisations on speaking up safely.  

Elevate Skills and Protect Organisational Integrity:

Take the initiative to evaluate your organization’s speak-up operations and enhance your skills in whistleblowing best practices. By participating in our training, you become an invaluable asset in creating a culture where ethical concerns are addressed promptly, trust is strengthened, and potential risks are mitigated. Seize this opportunity to invest in in-depth knowledge and become a driving force in cultivating a safe and trusted speak-up culture. 

Secure Your Spot Today:

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to upskill and elevate your expertise in whistleblowing. Each training session is available at £295 + VAT, or you can save £100 by booking all three sessions together for £785 + VAT.  

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