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121 Interviews

We interview managers and staff, including whistleblowers, to evaluate their support experience throughout the whistleblowing process. Our comprehensive report and recommendations provide both qualitative and quantitative insights to your Board or Audit Committee, aiding in understanding the effectiveness of the arrangements and suggesting improvements.

Focus Groups

Our focus groups provide a platform for discussing the value of whistleblowing. Participants, including key management, union representatives, and staff, identify risks and opportunities in implementing effective whistleblowing arrangements within your organisation. We assist in selecting the right participants and deliver a detailed thematic report with recommendations, offering qualitative insights into stakeholder perspectives.

Confidential Staff Surveys

Our online survey, tailored in consultation with you, comprises 20 key points. It includes promotion, hosting, analysis, review, and reporting. This survey offers quantitative data on the practical functionality of your whistleblowing arrangements, capturing staff perceptions and attitudes toward speaking up. Additionally, it serves to raise awareness and understanding across the organisation, providing insights for improvement.

Board Briefings

This concise briefing to your Board emphasises the importance and benefits of a robust whistleblowing framework, highlighting the Board’s responsibility in fostering a culture where staff feel empowered to speak up.

Management & Staff Guidance

We offer tailored guidance, including Q&A resources for both managers and staff, which can be distributed as brochures or accessed via your intranet or newsletter. This guidance aims to equip your team with the necessary knowledge and support to navigate whistleblowing processes effectively.

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Our methodologies have been tested and proven effective across diverse sectors and scenarios, ensuring tangible results and lasting impact.

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