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Protect Whistleblowing Assessment

The Fastest Way To Assess Your Speak Up Culture.

Our benchmarking tools assess your organisation's whistleblowing practices against industry best practices to provide valuable insights for improvement.

Discover Our Diagnostic Tools

Unlock progress with our benchmarking tools - Scanner & Benchmark - to gauge performance, foster improvement, and achieve continuous progress.

Enhance Speak Up Culture

Through training and resources, organisations can create an environment where employees feel safe and are encouraged to raise concerns.

Your Strategic Roadmap

Utilise the end report to plan strategically for ongoing effectiveness, compliance, and alignment with industry best practices.

Whistleblowing Scanner

Small Businesses. Mighty Impact.

The Whistleblowing Scanner empowers small businesses (under 250 employees) to strengthen their whistleblowing practices and enhance workplace transparency effectively.

Assess and Enhance Whistleblowing Framework

The Whistleblowing Scanner aligns with curent best practices and the EU Whistleblowing Directive requirements to support a robust speak-up culture.

Quick, Secure, and Comprehensive

Conduct a secure, instant assessment in less than an hour, receiving a board-ready report with scores and initial recommendations directly to your inbox.

Tailored Self-Assessment

Complete the assessment at your own pace and identify areas for improvement across three sections: governance, engagement, and operations.

Secure Payment

Effortlessly secure card payments with Stripe for your peace of mind.

Whistleblowing Scanner

Strengthen your whistleblowing practices and enhancing workplace transparency.

The Best of Protect

Get the Scanner and Benchmark as part of one of our Membership packages.

Protect's Benchmark has been so helpful in showing us our gaps against best practice.

Fraser Simpson

The Wellcome Trust

The ability to compare ourselves with other local authorities is very useful - this is the first time that we have been able to do this.

Simon Bleckley

Warrington Borough Council

The Scanner gave me the material and evidence I need to leverage real change.

Anthony Farmer

Birmingham City Council

Whistleblowing Benchmark

Three Levels To Match Your Organisation's Needs

1. Score

Our entry level offers a powerful starting point to begin evaluating your whistleblowing arrangements. It provides you with an overall Benchmark percentage score, along with individual scores for governance, engagement and operations.

Who Is It For?

Ideal for organisations with over 250 employees seeking to enhance existing whistleblowing arrangements or for those starting their journey towards excellence in whistleblowing practices.

What You'll Receive

Upon submission, the Protect team promptly reviews the scoring and sends you the final report, empowering you to make informed decisions, strengthen your whistleblowing practices, and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

2. Comparative

This level compares your scores with our comprehensive data set averages. Gain valuable insights on staff count, jurisdictions, and sectors (if available), and receive tailored recommendations for improvement.

Who Is It For?

Ideal for organisations with over 250 employees seeking to understand and improve upon their existing whistleblowing arrangements in relation to others within their sector.

What You'll Receive

Upon submission, the Protect team checks the scoring and promptly sends you the final report, providing comparative data and tailored recommendations, strengthen your whistleblowing practices, and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

3. Independent Review

Benefit from a full audit of your organisation's whistleblowing arrangements. We review all evidence submitted with you Benchmark self-assessment, offering added assurance to your Board, employees, auditors, and stakeholders.

Who Is It For?

Ideal for organisations with over 250 employees seeking a comprehensive roadmap for improvement and change. We recommend this final level of the Benchmark especially for those with legal or regulatory requirements.

What You'll Receive

You'll receive an in-depth report with personalised action plans for improvement across 200 questions, supporting informed decisions, strengthening whistleblowing practices, and driving continuous improvement.

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