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Protect aims to make whistleblowing work for individuals, organisations and society.

Every year, we support around 3,000 whistleblowers who call our Advice Line. In addition, we work with organisations on improving their speak up arrangements and campaign for better legal protection of whistleblowers.

What we do

Confidential advice for individuals

If you’ve seen, heard or suspect wrongdoing in your workplace, or know of a serious risk or accident ‘waiting to happen’- we can help.

Training & consultancy for organisations

Working with Protect means your organisation is leading the way in good whistleblowing arrangements. Protect offers your staff a real alternative to silence, by giving them the confidence to speak up to stop harm.

Law & Policy

Protect has over 25 years experience of campaigning for better legal protection and better public policy towards whistleblowers (see our case study page for more information on whistleblowing) and the public interest concerns they are raising.

How you can help

We receive no government funding and need your support to reach out to more workers and ensure they are empowered to speak up to protect us all.

Our Work

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09:23 PM Jan 27th

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Backbench debate on the rise of ‘SLAPP lawsuits’ – a threat to freedom of expression 

A backbench debate heard that SLAPP lawsuits -  Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation – are having a chilling effect on freedom of expression.   Defamation claims are most identified as SLAPPS and used to silence a critic, such as a journalist, by engaging them in costly litigation, rather than because of any legal merit. Other legal ... Read more

Protect and Leigh Day to host anti-corruption panel debate

Anti-Corruption Government Tsar, John Penrose MP will join Protect and Leigh Day in panel debate 'Tackling Corruption - Is whistleblowing the first line of defence?' on Thursday 24 February. International corruption and whistleblowing lawyer, Paul Dowling, a partner at Leigh Day will join the debate to discuss legal claims used to hold organisations to account. ... Read more

Former Protect CE’s launch specialised whistleblowing law firm 

Protect has welcomed a new specialist law firm  James & West Law – The Whistleblowing Experts, established by two former Protect Chief Executives Cathy James and Francesca West.  Francesca and Cathy have been working with whistleblowers and specialising in whistleblowing law since 2005. Both worked at Protect, for 14 years each, both having a tenure ... Read more

We believe whistleblowers deserve better

We’re campaigning for a new Whistleblowing Bill so we all can speak up in confidence when we witness wrongdoing.

Our most recent blogs

Our first newsletter of 2022 is now out – and features details of our new training courses, a look back at key whistleblowing cases of 2021, an Advice Line case study and details of a webinar on 24 February we are co-hosting with law firm Leigh Day, ‘Tackling Anti-Corruption – is whistleblowing the first defence?’ … Read more

Speaking up stops harm, but is good for business too

Protect is a leading authority on whistleblowing. Back in the 90s, Protect (then called Public Concern at Work) lobbied for one of the world’s first whistleblowing laws, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, commonly referred to as PIDA. Back then, whistleblowing was not a concept many understood. Revolutionary at the time, PIDA today is out ... Read more

Our newsletter is out!

Our last newsletter of 2021 is out…. If you weren’t able to join us for our EU Whistleblowing Directive webinar, ‘Why it matters to us in the UK’ you can view the webinar here and read our article, ‘Implementing the EU Directive on Whistleblowing: Lessons learned from UK whistleblowing legislation PIDA’.  Read why we are concerned about Government … Read more

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