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What can Taylor Swift teach us about whistleblowing?

Taylor Swift CD cover - Reputation

Pop megastar Taylor Swift is currently taking Europe by storm with her hotly anticipated ERAs tour. While her ever-faithful fans, known as “Swifties”, are there for the music and spectacle – as strange as it sounds – is there anything the pop princess can teach us about whistleblowing?

Read on for Taylor Swift’s ten whistleblowing lessons for organisations:

  1. First off, while we’ve been told the ERAs tour is a journey through the musical eras of Swift’s career, we can’t help but interpret this as a coded message to promote the Employment Rights Act.
  2. When you receive a whistleblowing concern, investigate fully – don’t try to Shake it Off.
  3. You need to encourage staff to Speak Now if they see or suspect something wrong.
  4. Whistleblowing, Speaking Up, Raising Concerns – Call It What You Want.
  5. It’s important to get your whistleblowing arrangements right or there’ll be Bad Blood in your organisation.
  6. Your staff will be the ones to spot wrongdoing – you need to encourage them to have their Eyes Open.
  7. Some whistleblowing concerns may be Delicate – so handle sensitively.
  8. It’s essential to listen to your staff when they come to you with concerns – whatever you do don’t shoot the messenger – Don’t Blame Me.
  9. Employers will often react to whistleblowers and think I Knew You Were Trouble, rather than listening to their concerns and addressing the issues at hand.
  10. And finally, whistleblowing is of course critical for any organisation looking to protect their Reputation!

In reality it’s pretty unlikely that Taylor Swift had whistleblowing at the forefront of her mind when she was writing all these songs. But you never know!

If you want to find out more about how to get whistleblowing right in your organisation check out our training, membership and consultancy options.

We know All Too Well the massive difference a positive speak-up culture can make!

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