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Our whistleblowing training

Since 1993, we have worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations across all sectors who believe in and value open cultures where staff feel comfortable to speak up over wrongdoing.

The insight gained from our Advice Line work shapes the ‘real experience’ training we offer to individuals and teams, seeking to better understand whistleblowing practice, the legal framework and how to implement effective arrangements.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our training and workshops will be interactively delivered online.

Upcoming Workshops and Masterclasses

Find dates of our upcoming Masterclasses and reserve a place for yourself or your team.
EU Directive Webinar
EU Directive Webinar - On the 13 May 2021 from 10:00-11:00 AM we are hosting a Webinar highlighting what organisations need to know about the EU Directive and how it may impact you

Our Regular Masterclasses

Why attend

Also known as ‘Open Training’, our monthly Whistleblowing Masterclasses are  designed to give a comprehensive understanding of what an effective whistleblowing set up in an organisation looks like and how to implement it.

What does the session cover?

  • An overview of whistleblowing and why it is important, a review of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA), including an overview of the most recent legislative changes
  • How to know if your arrangements are working in practice
  • Handling the whistleblower and the concern, which is delivered through interactive case studies and scenarios

Who should attend?

Those responsible for setting up or overseeing whistleblowing arrangements in their organisation: previous delegates include Heads of Internal Audit, HR and Legal.

To view the upcoming dates or to reserve a place, click here.

Why attend?

  • Deepen your understanding of your role and responsibility as a Whistleblowing Champion in helping your organisation lead the way in developing robust whistleblowing arrangements and achieving a culture where staff feel able to raise concerns
  • Review the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) rules and best practice regarding training, reporting and oversight
  • Meet, share ideas and learn from your peers in other financial services organisations

What does the session cover?

  • Challenges of the FCA rules and the Whistleblowing Champion role
  • Embedding and evaluating best practice arrangements
  • Relevant legislation
  • Handling whistleblowing disclosures appropriately
  • Anonymity, confidentiality and protecting the whistleblower
  • Leadership and communications
  • Overseeing arrangements, key considerations, transparency and accountability

Who should attend

The Masterclass is aimed at the Financial Services Whistleblowing Champions, but is also appropriate for other senior managers working in the financial sector that are responsible for internal arrangements and whistleblowing culture.
Our Whistleblowing Champions Masterclass runs quarterly, for more information or to book your place, click here:

Why attend? 

Delivered with Gowling WLG, our interactive whistleblowing investigation course will outline and discuss the practicalities and considerations that are necessary with whistleblowing investigations, including receiving the concern, scope of the investigation, responsibilities, reporting, and common pitfalls to be aware of. The course utilises polls, group discussions and a case study to demonstrate investigation best practice.


What does the session cover?

  • Recap on receiving and triaging a whistleblowing concern.
  • Best practice handling
  • Overview of what an investigation is (and isn’t).
  • Importance of operating within a Company’s existing framework
  • Initial planning and scoping an investigation
  • Reporting on the outcome
  • Key pitfalls/issues to bear in mind
  • Investigation Case Study

Who should attend

The Masterclass is aimed at organisations that receive whistleblowing concerns and want to investigate them , and is also appropriate for other senior managers that are responsible for internal arrangements and whistleblowing culture.
Our next scheduled date for the masterclass is 16 June at 10am, for more information or to book your place, click here:

EU Directive Webinar

Tailored Training and Consultancy for Organisations

Also known as ‘In-house Training’, the session is developed based on your organisations’ specific requirements and delivered at your workplace or online. The session includes interactive exercises and group work.

What does the session typically cover?

  • An overview of the whistleblowing legislation and what it really means in practice
  • Practical guidance on how to develop, maintain and report on whistleblowing arrangements
  • A workshop on handling concerns effectively through interactive case studies

Who should attend?

Usually the sessions are aimed at senior managers, directors and board members.

Please contact our Business Support team via email on call 0203 117 2528 for further details.

Flexible in design, our briefings can be aimed at board level or to raise awareness amongst your staff in promoting an open whistleblowing culture.

Designed to assess staff awareness and confidence, they can provide valuable insight into your organisation’s whistleblowing culture.

Surveys generally contain around 15 questions designed by us in consultation with you. We will host the survey, collate and analyse the results, and provide you a summary report with recommendations for improvement.

We will interview a number of your staff members, managers and those that have used your whistleblowing process.

Each interview is designed to understand staff awareness and confidence, gain insight into what support managers feel they need, and collect feedback from those that have used the process in the past.

Tailored recommendations on how to enhance your policy in line with best practice.

Ideal for training larger teams and complement our face-to-face training.

The e-learning content is designed in consultation with you to be both interactive and informative, and made ready to be added to your internal LMS.

EU Directive Webinar

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