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Our Benchmark


What is the Whistleblowing Benchmark?

We developed our Benchmark framework to help your organisation reach best practice when it comes to whistleblowing standards.

Unlike any other benchmarking tool, our Whistleblowing Benchmark reaches beyond the numbers of whistleblowing cases (which alone don’t tell the whole story),  providing an in-depth look at staff engagement, policies and practices that hold speak up arrangements together.

Reviewing your organisation’s culture against our Benchmark framework will help give a better understanding of how to deal with whistleblowing cases and how to help staff who wish to speak up. It will also help your organisation see how well it is doing compared to competitors in your sector.

whistleblowing benchmark

Benefits of using our Benchmark

  • Excellent diagnostic tool providing a score measuring the effectiveness of your whistleblowing support system
  • Ideal for Board ready reports and updates
  • GAP analysis report with recommendations for improvement – ideal for setting KPIs
  • Comparative data against similar organisations


How does it work?

Protect’s Whistleblowing Benchmark helps you assess how your whistleblowing arrangements are structured, how you engage with staff and how whistleblowing works day-to-day.

The Benchmark framework – which is completed online as a self-assessment – has three core areas: Governance, Staff Engagement and Operations. Each of these three core areas has a detailed set of standards to aim for.

Once the online Benchmark assessment is completed, a report is produced, outlining the Benchmark findings, including steps and an improvement action plan for your unique case.

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