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Environmental Governance and Whistleblowing

Join us on Wednesday 5 June, 8:30-10:00AM, for a breakfast briefing in partnership with Slaughter and May to hear from Philippa O’Malley, Partner Slaughter and May, Moira Thompson Oliver, Senior Counsel Slaughter and May and Sybille Raphael, Legal Director at Protect on how to adopt and embed robust whistleblowing arrangements as part of your environmental governance strategy.

What to do if there’s a breach of whistleblower confidentiality

A breach of confidentiality can put enormous pressure on a whistleblower and have a significant impact on levels of trust in an employer’s whistleblowing systems. There are simple steps to ensure the impact of a breach can be contained and whistleblowers protected. In this blog we lay out 5 top tips for any employer to follow.