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National Guardian data shows record number of health workers are speaking up – but more are facing detriment for doing so

Record numbers of health care workers in the NHS are speaking up to NHS Freedom to Speak Up Guardians – over 20,000 cases in 2020/21 – but more are facing detriment for doing so. There are over 700 Freedom to Speak Up Guardians in NHS Trusts in England supporting healthcare workers to speak up about anything which impacts on their ability ... Read more

Protect statement on “Children in the care of Lambeth Council” Investigation Report

Protect is dismayed by the report, ‘Children in the care of Lambeth Council’, published by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. The report makes damning findings against the council that it allowed serious abuse against children to take place between the 1960s and 1990s. The report finds that the council operated a “culture of ... Read more

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Protect responds to Government Official Secrets Act reform with calls for a Public Interest Defence

Protect along with WIN (Whistleblowing International Network) have jointly responded to a government consultation on reforming the Official Secrets Act 1989. Our response states, “We have long held the view that the Official Secrets Act should contain a Public Interest Defence (PID) which is vital to the functioning of a democracy. Whistleblowing is necessary so ... Read more

Protect welcomes new mandatory duty on employers preventing workplace harassment

New government plans to introduce a mandatory duty requiring employers to prevent harassment in the workplace have been welcomed by Protect. This duty will mean that employers must take all reasonable steps to protect employees from sexual and other forms of harassment at work. The government has also announced an intention to reintroduce protection against ... Read more

Why calling out wrong doing in the security and intelligence community needs reform

Last month former intelligence contractor whistleblower Reality Winner was finally released from jail for leaking classified information. But many argue  she and Chelsea Manning before her, had very little choice but to knowingly commit a crime by leaking information to the media. Whistleblowers in the security service in the UK and US need greater protections … Read more

Are judges a have, or have not when it comes to whistleblowing protection?

District Judge Claire Norris gave the following presentation as part of our Let’s Fix UK Whistleblowing Law webinar, ‘Whistleblowing in the workplace – the haves & have-nots’ on 29 June “ I am what many people would regard is a bog-standard district judge. District judges are the general practitioner of civil courts. We deal with ... Read more

Will the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) raid damage whistleblowing?

16 July 2021 Protect is concerned by reports that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have conducted raids of two houses in the South of England in relation to suspected data breaches following a story appearing in the Sun on the 26th June involving former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, breaching ... Read more

UK whistleblower Jonathan Taylor finally freed from extradition torment almost one year on

We are delighted to announce that on Wednesday 7 July 2021, Croatian Justice Minister Ivan Malenica formally rejected the request by Monaco to extradite UK whistleblower Jonathan Taylor. Jonathan Taylor’s Support Group extends its gratitude to the Minister for taking the right decision. The move comes following sustained calls for the past 11 months from ... Read more

Protect thank Croatian Justice Minister for doing the right thing over Jonathan Taylor

Croatian Justice Minister Ivan Malenica has rejected attempts by Monaco to extradite UK whistleblower Jonathan Taylor on baseless criminal charges – and Jonathan Taylor’s Support Group thanks the Minister for doing the right thing.  The move comes following calls from human and civil rights campaigners across Europe – and UK MPs –  for his immediate release and safe ... Read more

No Lugano Convention – what’s next for UK-EU whistleblowing disputes?

Introduction Cross-border disputes between the UK and its European neighbours have, thanks to Brexit, become that bit more complicated. The two main regimes governing jurisdiction in cross-border disputes, namely the Brussels I Regulation and the Lugano Convention 2007 ceased to apply in the UK as of 1 January 2021. The Brussels Regulation I sets out the ... Read more

Protect statement on Chris Day BMA settlement

Protect are pleased to hear the BMA, the recognised trade union and professional body for doctors and medical students in the UK, has settled its dispute with its member, Dr Chris Day, and now offering him full support – and legal funding in his ongoing legal disputes. Whistleblowing plays an absolutely essential role in the health ... Read more