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‘Had a guide like this existed at Mid Staffs, lives could have been saved’

NHS whistleblower Helene Donnelly speaks about how the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide will help employers protect whistleblowers from abuse and why it is so vital for public safety and staff wellbeing that employers do so.   I think for me being involved with creating the Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation Guide has been quite cathartic. Having had experience ... Read more

Whistleblowing, where should we go? – The future of whistleblowing, international comparisons and proposed reforms in Protect’s draft Bill

At the ELA annual conference Protect Legal Director Sybille Raphael, delivered this speech, reflecting on the state of whistleblowing law, what needs to be improved to protect the interests of staff, employers and the public and why regulators are key to this. The Public Interest Disclosure Act was passed in 1998, five years after Protect, ... Read more

Mental health awareness week – Whistleblowing is a lonely business  

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Protect CEO Liz Gardiner reflects on the significant stress and isolation many whistleblowers face and the negative impact this has on their mental health.   At Protect, we hear from around 3,000 whistleblowers each year on our free, confidential legal Advice Line.  Callers raise concerns from charity governance to financial misconduct, ... Read more

Protect’s Statement on the Queen’s Speech 2022

Protect is disappointed that the Government’s new legislative program fails to address the weaknesses in whistleblowing protection with the absence of an Employment Bill.  The UK has fallen behind international best practice and it is time to “level up” legal protections for whistleblowers. However, we welcome the introduction of the second Economic Crime Bill as … Read more

Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation: Guide Launch and Panel Discussion

Victimisation of whistleblowers is rife in the UK. Roughly 65% of whistleblowers who contact our advice line are abused for speaking up at work. At this event, NHS Whistleblower, Helene Donnelly OBE, Global Head of anti-corruption at Oxfam, Andy Watson and Natwest Head of Speak Up, Andy Noble explore why protecting whistleblowers is so vital ... Read more

Protect April Newsletter

Our April newsletter of 2022 is now out! It features details about our new publication: "Preventing Whistleblower Victimisation: a practical guide for employers" which provides unique advice to employers on how to protect whistleblowers. It also includes information about our launch webinar for the new guide, featuring NHS whistleblower Helene Donnelly, as well as new ... Read more

Mary Robinson MP Introduces Whistleblowing Bill to Parliament – Protect statement

It is widely acknowledged that reform to the UK’s whistleblowing law, the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA 1998) is long overdue. PIDA has been the blueprint for much of the world’s whistleblowing legislation, but almost 25 years later, urgent reform is needed to reflect the modern workplace and keep pace with international best practice. Protect ... Read more

NI Whistleblower paid £1.25 million by DAERA – Protect calls for NI Civil Service to review whistleblowing arrangements

On Sunday 24 April 2022, it was revealed that a Northern Irish whistleblower, Dr Tamara Bronckaers, has been paid £1.25 million in compensation by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). Believed to be one of the biggest whistleblower settlements in Northern Irish history the agreement follows a long and exhausting fight for ... Read more

The cost of victimisation

Kevin (not the whistleblower’s real name) became concerned that his employer’s general approach of selling products to customers could be seen as mis-selling.   He raised his concerns to more senior managers at the company but was met with indifference, with a Director telling him he personally would accept the risk of such practices. Kevin felt that ... Read more

‘Organisations should want to hear uncomfortable truths’

Protect's Legal Director, Sybille Raphael, reflects on byrne·dean event 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which explored how employers can create a 'speak up' culture.    What makes it hard to raise concerns at work?    This was the central question asked at the byrne·dean webinar 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which Protect CEO Elizabeth Gardiner spoke at on 31 March 2022.   ... Read more

Protect’s Grace Wilkin to run Copenhagen Marathon to support our work

Protect's Business Support Executive, Grace Wilkin, will be running the Copenhagen Marathon on 15 May 2022 to raise money for our work protecting whistleblowers. Grace said "I wanted to do this to support Protect because I believe that employees have the right to be listened to at work, without fear of repercussions, so that concerns ... Read more

Preventing whistleblower victimisation benefits both staff and employers

Protect Legal Adviser, Rebecca Durkin, reflects on the significant abuse of whistleblowers in the UK and how our unique new guide will help employers address this problem.   Behind every scandal or story of wrongdoing, there will often be a whistleblower – someone who has brought the concerns about wrongdoing to light. Too often though, ... Read more