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Employees are the heart and soul of an organisation. A healthy whistleblowing process is essential to ensuring your staff are content, confident and secure.

A poor whistleblowing system can have a chilling effect on the workplace. It can deter workers from reporting wrongdoing if those who do speak up face abuse and intimidation. This leaves malpractice undetected and workers uncommunicative and unhappy.

As a member, you have access to our unique training sessions, best practice toolkits and guides. These will provide your organisation expert advice on how to set up an effective whistleblowing process. It provides unique insight into tried and tested methods, what works in practice and what works less well. A healthy whistleblowing process is the key to a content and energised workforce.

Membership also includes access to our bespoke Whistleblowing Scanner (Level 1) and Whistleblowing Benchmark (Level 2 and Level 3) diagnostic and audit tools. Both tools look wider than the volume of disclosures, focusing on key areas including governance, engagement, and operations. This helps your organisation assess whether your whistleblowing system makes your employees comfortable to speak up about problems and concerns.

Finally, membership grants your staff the ability to gain confidential advice from our trained advisers. This will help them feel sure that you are taking their concerns seriously and provide them the safety and security needed to feel content and confident in their work.

By becoming a Member, you will be joining a community of organisations that are committed to improving their speak up culture for the benefit of society, their organisation, and their staff. It will make you a socially responsible organisation that cares for your workforce, your community and the wider public.

Being a Protect Member does not mean that Protect endorses any individual organisation’s whistleblowing arrangements and culture: we aim to help organisations improve by providing support and guidance. Protect encourages all members to sign our pledge to demonstrate their commitment to improving their speak up culture.

Clive Robins Nationwide

“Protect…are our ‘go to’ team for advice and support and the guidance that they provide is always considered, accurate and professional.”

Clive Robins, Senior Compliance Manager, Nationwide

Membership benefits

Our Membership packages are designed to help you with the continuous assessment, enhancement and improvement of your whistleblowing support systems. 

Membership means that any organisation, regardless of size, sector or budget, can benefit from an effective whistleblowing support system. 

We are also able to build a bespoke membership to match your organisation’s needs: please get in touch with our Business Support team for more information. 

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Best Practice Toolkit

Whistleblowing Scanner

Level 1+

Bespoke Training

Benchmark Comparative Data

Preventing Victimisation Guide

Level 2+

Benchmark Independent Review of your whistleblowing arrangements

Recommendations for Improvement 

Board Presentation on your Benchmark score

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