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Membership Packages


Why become a Member?

Maintaining a healthy, happy, workplace with a positive ‘speak up’ culture is an ongoing process. Choosing to become a member will mean your organisation – and more importantly your staff – will understand whistleblowing is taken seriously by your company.

Sure, reviewing your whistleblowing policy and making staff aware of it, is a great start to improving your whistleblowing culture, but it isn’t enough. To be confident your organisation is open, transparent and meeting best whistleblowing standards, it’s important that your staff know you continuously monitor and enhance your whistleblowing systems to create a positive whistleblowing culture.

Our Membership packages are designed to help you with the continuous assessmentenhancement and improvement of your whistleblowing support systems.

Membership benefits

Our Membership packages are designed so that any organisation, regardless of size, sector or budget, benefits from an effective whistleblowing support system.

We offer three types of Membership package all of which give your staff access to our confidential Advice Line:

Level 1 aims to get you started with the core elements of a good ‘speak up’ culture: it provides you with a best practice whistleblowing policy and other key compliance documentation. You will gain access to our unique Whistleblowing Benchmark as well as our our ‘Members Only’ resource centre. In addition,  a staff member in charge of handing concerns can join our interactive Whistleblowing Masterclass which is attended by other members.

Level 2 helps you engage staff, ensure management handle concerns effectively and gives senior staff an understanding of their roles in audit and oversight of your whistleblowing processes through bespoke training. Undertaking a Whistleblowing Benchmark review will enable you to compare how your organisation is faring against others and identify any gaps in your arrangements.

Level 3 provides independent assurance from the whistleblowing experts: in addition to the bespoke training, your organisation will receive an independent review – a full audit of your whistleblowing arrangements with a gap analysis, action and plan for improvement. The outcomes and learnings will be presented to your Board or a senior team of your choice.

We are also able to build a bespoke membership package to match your organisation’s needs, please get in touch with our Business Support team for more information.

Membership benefits at a glance

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