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Environmental Governance and Whistleblowing

A third of UK office workers say they are willing to quit their jobs over weak climate action from their employers. Regulators across all industries are now taking an increasingly keen interest in environmental impact from a regulatory crackdown on “greenwashing” in the fashion sector to firmer requirements on environment credentials for institutional investors.

A strong whistleblowing culture is key in helping employers stay true to their environmental commitments, as well as ensuring breaches of regulations are prevented or detected at an early stage before they escalate to serious risk.

Join us on Wednesday 5 June, 8:30-10:00AM, for a breakfast briefing in partnership with Slaughter and May to hear from Philippa O’Malley, Partner Slaughter and May, Moira Thompson Oliver, Senior Counsel Slaughter and May and Sybille Raphael, Legal Director at Protect on how to adopt and embed robust whistleblowing arrangements as part of your environmental governance strategy.

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