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Weekly News Round-Up/ 21 April

More on CBI sexual misconduct 

See Protect’s comment on recent CBI sexual misconduct and Tony Danker’s firing. (HR Grapevine)  

Tech in trouble 

Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistle-blower, made the world aware of the harm tech companies can cause. Since, what has changed and how has whistleblowing helped change it?  (Lawfare) 

+ Some top US technology companies are forcing workers to sign allegedly illegal labour agreements, according to complaints filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Yahoo) 

Public sector concerns 

In a scathing report, safety watchdog found patients waiting on trolleys, in corridors and outside nursing bays at Good Hope and Heartlands hospital. (MSN)  

+ NHS Whistleblower calls for extra measures to ensure protection of potential whistleblowers. (MSN)  

+ New report on harrowing events in children’s homes says problems with regulator too – Ofsted failed to heed 20 whistleblowing reports amongst others. (BBC News)

+ Scottish Police force too face criticisms concerning equality, diversity and inclusion. (Yahoo) 

Australian whistleblower faces trial 

Former military lawyer David McBride will have waited four years and eight months before facing trial for allegedly leaking classified defence information to the media. (The Guardian)  

Economic crime crack down 

+ Businesses which fail to deter fraud will face repercussion as new bill holds big organisations responsible for employee instigated fraud. See Protect’s comment.(HR Magazine) 

Greenwashing news 

+ Britain must make long-term reforms to keep the cost of energy down. (The Times) 

How can whistleblowing help the environment?  

Protect comments for Energy Voice as reality of Just Transition is questioned. (Energy Voice) 

+ Offshore workers and seafarers must be empowered to voice their concerns and feel protected when they do. (Energy Voice)