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Bi-weekly News Round-Up/ 11 May

NHS falls short on  staff training  

Just one of 199 trusts analysed in England has a specific sexual harassment module, a failure on the NHS’ behalf to protect members of staff from harm. Training should be mandatory in order to prevent victimisation. (The Guardian) 

More sexual harassment whistleblowers 

Alleged behaviour of Tesco Chairman dangerously mirrors that of the CBI. (BBC News) 

+ Call for SNP sex allegation whistleblowers to be ‘reinstated’ alleging the whistleblowers were suspended or expelled for calling out sexual misconduct in the SNP. (The Times) 

Covering up bullying 

Whistleblowers from the Cambridge Rehabilitation Unit claim managers not only ignored and covered up dangerous patient safety and staffing concerns, but also bullied the whistleblowers who flagged them. (BBC news) 

+ Welsh nationalist leader quits after review finds a culture of bullying in party. (Yahoo) 

Whistleblowing progress 

Improvements being made to whistleblower’s access of information is a part of the steps undertaken by FCA to better whistleblower confidence. (Financial Times) 

+ Dr Ranson receives large financial compensation after suffering severe consequences for speaking out to stop harm. (Personnel Today) 

+ Misuse of NDAs to be reviewed by UK regulator. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, shady use of NDAs suffocates successful speak up cultures. (Financial Times) 

Environmental whistleblowing 

+Where are the environmental whistleblowers? How can we support them? (The Wave)