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What will fix racism and discrimination in cricket? 

Azeem Rafiq’s passionate revelations exposing his treatment at Yorkshire County Cricket Club serve as a testament to both the institutional problems proliferating the sport, (and undoubtedly other sports) and the necessity of being able to  raise concerns and have those concerns listened to, and addressed.    Rafiq’s concerns, which included as a young 15- year-old Muslim having wine forcibly poured down his throat, continuous ... Read more

Protect responds to Sheldon Review

The long-awaited Sheldon review into child sexual abuse in football makes disturbing reading.  While the abuse is historic, the report is clear that lessons can still be learned.  There are some strong recommendations about safeguarding training from Board level to the young people and their parents, about establishing a child-first culture and about developing greater ... Read more

Whistleblowing in the sport sector by Sir Anthony Hooper, QC

My view on whistleblowing is that it is a worldwide problem, and in a commissioned Protect report, ( ‘Report on the effectiveness of existing arrangements for workplace whistleblowing in the UK’) gives recommendations about how whistleblowers should be treated. Whistleblowing plays a vital role in the achievement of good governance in sport as in every … Read more