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Protect urges public to engage with MPs selected in Private Members’ Bill ballot

Earlier today the Private Members’ Ballot took place giving  20 MPs the chance to introduce a proposed piece of law, or ‘bill’. This is a fantastic and rare opportunity for backbench MPs to introduce meaningful law that will make a real difference for people.

Protect wants its whistleblowing bill (see here) to became law and is urging the public to help by writing to their MP if they were drawn in the ballot, urging them to adopt Protect’s bill.

You can download our template letter here and send this to the MPs.

The selected MPs  are:

  1. Mark Jenkinson –
  2. Barry Gardiner –
  3. Carolyn Harris –
  4. Dr Liam Fox –
  5. Saajid Javid –
  6. Kevin Brennan –
  7. Jeff Smith –
  8. Colum Eastwood –
  9. Peter Gibson –
  10. Dr Ben Spencer –

Protect Parliamentary Officer, Kyran Kanda said, “This opportunity only comes once in a Parliamentary session. It is one of the few chances for Protect’s bill to be introduced in the House and go through the law-making process. Now is the best time we have to create new law for whistleblowers that will provide stronger protections and uphold the public interest.”

We will be writing to the MPs selected in today’s ballot and we need you to do the same.

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