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Protect Non-Executive Directors, Trustee and Governor Whistleblowing Training

Non-Executive Directors, Trustees and Governors often uncover wrongdoing or malpractice within their organisation as a result of their strategic oversight. As a result of their position at the top of organisations, they are often the persons to whom staff will raise or escalate their concerns. Yet, despite playing a vital role in their organisation’s whistleblowing procedure and arrangements, it is clear that many aren’t aware, or don’t understand, their obligations and duties, including those imposed by regulators.

Did you know that NEDs, Trustees and Governors could risk regulatory action for failing to speak about incidents of wrongdoing or even personal liability?

At Protect, we get a large number of callers to our advice line from individuals who have raised concerns internally (including to NEDs, Trustees and Governors) and have received an inadequate or no response. We also get calls from NEDs, Trustees and Governors who have witnessed wrongdoing and don’t know how to escalate their concerns. As a result, we have developed a training course aimed at NEDs, Trustees and Governors to ensure that they understand their role, responsibilities and obligations in overseeing their organisation’s whistleblowing arrangements, as well as how to escalate concerns and promote a culture where staff feel able to raise concerns.

Protects uses its 30 years of experience talking to whistleblowers on our advice line, as well as working closely with organisations leading in the field, in developing our training services. We have a popular suite of courses aimed at those responsible for their whistleblowing framework that spans the whistleblowing journey from handling a concern and conducting an investigation, to ensuring that the whistleblower is not victimised or retaliated against. We have also developed a guide in response to queries from employers about how they should prevent and/or respond to the victimisation of whistleblowers.  We also offer tailored training for organisations. With an average score of 9/10 and an average increase in understanding increasing from 6/10 before a masterclass to 9/10 after, we have helped hundreds of organisations.

To see our upcoming training click here, or to arrange a bespoke group session please email, or call 020 3117 2520.

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