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360° Benchmark

The tool to help you assess the effectiveness of your whistleblowing arrangements.

Unique and the first of its kind, our 360° Benchmark has been designed to assist your organisation by identifying gaps and providing you with an action plan on how to improve, telling you what you should be doing, when and how.

Why our Benchmark is different and will work for you:

With our 25 years’ expertise we have found numbers alone are not an effective measure of arrangements. It focuses instead on how your arrangements are structured, how you engage with staff and how whistleblowing works in practice in your organisation.

Benchmark benefits:

Depending on the level of access you choose, on completion of the 360° Benchmark you will receive an in-depth report indicating how you have performed against similar organisations, in terms of sector, company size or country of operation. Strengths and weaknesses will be identified with recommendations on how to improve, which will be invaluable when reporting to your board, audit or regulatory body.

The Benchmark assesses your arrangements in three key areas


Group Head Operational Risk , Graham Davies, London Stock Exchange

“The Benchmark helps identify areas where there may be room for improvement or areas where peer groups are taking a different approach. Being able to provide an assessment with best practice standards to the Board allows a degree of independence to the assessment.

Whistleblowing is important in ensuring that minimum regulatory and legal standards are met but also ensuring that organisations have a mechanism that allows for difficult but important matters to be raised about and employees feel comfortable raising these types of issues.”

Alice Lightbourne, Head of Group Code of Conduct Programme & Systems, Fidelity International

“The benchmarking whistleblowing arrangements allow us to assess our arrangements with industry peers and review areas for improvement, see how we are positioned regarding employees and other parties feeling comfortable raising issue, and highlight areas where our programme can be further enhanced – e.g line manager training in and staff surveys on the awareness and effectiveness of their whistleblowing programme.

Whistleblowing provides a safe environment for staff to raise concerns in a comfortable and confidential way. Whistleblowing also safeguards against exposing a firm to reputational, ethical, legal and regulatory risk. Benchmarking is the compass that points a firm in the right direction and measures the effectiveness of whistleblowing arrangements.”

Simon Bleckly, Audit and Counter Fraud Manager, Corporate Services, Warrington Borough Council

“The 360 Benchmark enables us to identify where we need to improve, and identify the key actions that we need to carry out in order to improve, but also to obtain assurance in those areas where we are performing well.

The ability to compare ourselves with other local authorities is very useful – this is the first time that we have been able to do this.

The fact that this is an exercise carried out by Protect, a respected, independent organisation, also gives the results some weight and makes it easier for us to get the message across to senior management about what we need to do.

It is essential that the public trusts those organisations that spend money on their behalf and has confidence in their ability to identify and deal with wrongdoing.  A key part of this is to ensure that there are processes in place to encourage staff and others to raise their concerns in a safe environment. Protect play a vital role in giving organisations the tools to do this: their new benchmarking service has enabled us not only to identify where we can improve our whistleblowing arrangements, but also to demonstrate where we are performing well.''


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