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Protect’s new Whistleblowing Scanner for SMEs – key questions and answers

Q: What is the Whistleblowing Scanner? The Whistleblowing Scanner is essentially an online assessment which helps your organisation see whether your whistleblowing arrangements are fit for purpose. It is aimed at organisations with 50 – 250 employees operating across all industries in the UK, EU and internationally. It is a fast and easy way for ... Read more

Whistleblowers need employment rights – In defence of PIDA

In this long read Protect Legal Director, Sybille Raphael, responds to recent attempts to scrap the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA). She explains why we oppose this move and why it is vital we continue to ensure whistleblowers in the workplace are protected by employment rights.   There have recently been proposals to repeal PIDA (the ... Read more

Whistleblowing, where should we go? – The future of whistleblowing, international comparisons and proposed reforms in Protect’s draft Bill

At the ELA annual conference Protect Legal Director Sybille Raphael, delivered this speech, reflecting on the state of whistleblowing law, what needs to be improved to protect the interests of staff, employers and the public and why regulators are key to this. The Public Interest Disclosure Act was passed in 1998, five years after Protect, ... Read more

‘Organisations should want to hear uncomfortable truths’

Protect's Legal Director, Sybille Raphael, reflects on byrne·dean event 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which explored how employers can create a 'speak up' culture.    What makes it hard to raise concerns at work?    This was the central question asked at the byrne·dean webinar 'Reframing Whistleblowing', which Protect CEO Elizabeth Gardiner spoke at on 31 March 2022.   ... Read more