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Assessing whistleblowing culture


A healthy whistleblowing culture - where to start?

Many organisations want to understand how robust their whistleblowing arrangements are, but don’t know where to start.

At Protect, we’ve been supporting whistleblowers and organisations that take whistleblowing seriously since 1993. In 2018 we developed our Whistleblowing Benchmark, a self-assessment tool that helps medium and large organisations test their whistleblowing arrangements. So far, the Benchmark has been completed by almost 150 organisations across various sectors.

However, we want every organisation, large and small, to be able to test and improve their whistleblowing culture. While our Whistleblowing Benchmark is the most comprehensive tool out there, we recognise that not every organisation has the time and the resources to complete it. This is why we have recently created a new assessment tool aimed at smaller organisations – the Whistleblowing Scanner. Any organisation with an employee count between 50 and 250 will benefit from using this tool, especially those seeking to better understand their existing whistleblowing arrangements and how to improve them.

Completing our Whistleblowing Scanner is a great first step in understanding where your organisation is in terms of your whistleblowing framework and what quick changes could be made in order to improve it to better protect those who might witness wrongdoing and want to speak up.

The Whistleblowing Scanner can be purchased for only £199 (ex VAT) and completed entirely online with results – a score along with some initial recommendations – reaching you in an instant.

  • Developed for medium to larger organisations (250+ employees)
  • Can be purchased by contacting our dedicated Business Support team
  • Recommended for organisations with some whistleblowing arrangements already in place
  • An in-depth self-assessment of over 200 questions that thoroughly reviews your whistleblowing culture
  • Includes comparative data – enables you to compare your organisation’s score to that of others in the same sector
  • Part of Protect Level 2 and Level 3 Memberships’ benefit packages
  • Created for small and medium sized organisations (50 – 250 employees)
  • Can be purchased online and completed in under one hour
  • Suitable for organisations with little or no existing whistleblowing arrangements in place
  • Part of Protect Level 1 Membership benefits package

Would you like to know which assessment is right for your organisation?

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Why work with Protect

  • We’ve been advising organisations for almost three decades – there’s no one more experienced than us
  • Our expertise comes from real life cases that we encounter through our Advice Line – we have handled more than 45,000 whistleblowing cases to date
  • You will be joining a number of leading organisations and bodies from across all sectors who have worked with us to assess and improve their whistleblowing culture

Our Whistleblowing Benchmark

We have developed a unique Benchmark framework to help your organisation reach best practice when it comes to whistleblowing standards.

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