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A safe alternative to silence for employees

As the UK’s leading whistleblowing experts focussed on whistleblowing and the public interest we have a unique insight into both the organisational and the employee perspective of raising concerns.

Our Advice Line – open Monday – Friday 9-6pm – is independent, confidential, and protected by legal privilege to ensure  whistleblowers can speak freely about their concern and allow a detailed conversation where we can offer informed, specialist advice.The Protect Advice Line team handle around 3,000 whistleblowing cases each year, and in our 25-year history has supported more than 40,000 whistleblowers.

In the last year, the most common concerns our Protect Advice Line has dealt with has been concerns over:

  •  governance
  •  discrimination/harassment
  •   improper use of resources
  •   conflict of interest
  •  data protection
  •  abuse of authority
  •  financial malpractice

5 common mistakes organisations make with their whistleblowing arrangements: 

  • thinking you’ve got it covered with a policy on your intranet or employee handbook
  • lack of training for those receiving/handling concerns
  • failing to give feedback to your staff, which can create resentment
  • poor communication and staff engagement which leads to a lack of awareness
  • senior management failing to endorse a positive speak up “tone from the top’’

Whistleblowing is an emotional journey. There are often many stages and many reasons why someone may not speak up having witnessed wrongdoing. Employees looking to raise concerns may be unsure where to go to raise their concerns or what to do. At Protect we cannot stress how vital it is for employers to  communicate to staff about  your organisational whistleblowing/speak up processes. Good whistleblowing arrangements provide staff with a clear message that there is a safe alternative to silence.

By Senior Business Executive, Kushi Gujral