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Protect and Oxfam whistleblower Helen Evans speak at Bravest Conference

Protect Chief Executive Francesca West will join Oxfam whistleblower Helen Evans at the Marketing Society’s global ‘Bravest Conference’ celebrating strong, brave leadership.

Until 2015, Helen was Global Head of Safeguarding at Oxfam GB. In 2018 she spoke publicly about sexual exploitation and abuse at Oxfam GB, precipitating a government inquiry and Charity Commission investigation.

Taking place at the Science Museum (November 6), Francesca and Helen will talk to delegates in their presentation ‘The Strength to Speak up’ and share with delegates why whistleblowing is so important, and why organisations need to listen to staff. Helen, who continues to work in the charity sector as Director of Dravet Syndrome UK, will speak about her experiences as a whistleblower and her work with NGO Safe Space and what #AidToo means for charity brands.

Francesca West said, “It is important to acknowledge outstanding bravery and inspiring leadership in the workplace, which Helen exemplifies. We need more organisations from top management down to better understand the real value of staff who speak up. Thank them for speaking up – they are offering up invaluable information which could stop risk or harm to your organisation and others.”

Amongst other inspiring speakers, is Gina Miller who in 2016 successfully challenged the UK Government over its authority to implement Brexit, winning in both the High Court and Supreme Court in what is hailed as the most important British constitutional case since the 1700s.

Gina continues a ‘democracy and legality’ watching brief of the UK Government’s activities as Brexit progresses.  In May 2019 she launched the Remain United campaign which successfully facilitated a tactical voting campaign during the 2019 European Parliament Elections- the first time this was done and has published her first book ‘Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading the Way’.

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