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Weekly News Round-Up / 22 March

Your weekly dose of what’s up in whistleblowing.

Sexism, racism and homophobia rife in Met Police and whistleblowers not welcome 

The culture of not speaking up has become ingrained in the Met Police because those who do come forward are not believed and those who speak up learn the hard way that there are adverse consequences for themselves and their careers says the Casey Review (Baroness Casey Review ( )

+ Met need to rethink whistleblowing procedures to ensure staff speak up and are safe to do so as Casey report reveals whistleblowers are ignored and suffer due to toxic environments. . (Protect) 

+ Although the review is new, it echoes concerns from two decades ago. Would an external whistleblowing service help decent police officers and staff report inappropriate behaviour? (Police Professional)

+ You can hear Liz Gardiner, Protect’s CEO, on this topic on LBC News.

Whistleblower’s ‘what ifs…’ 

‘Why did no one see it coming?’… hindsight can be cruel. We need to start viewing whistleblowers as the assets they are to stop future harm. Articulated by The Financial Times are reasons why it is so hard for workers to be able to voice their doubts  – and why it is so important they should be encouraged to do so. (Financial Times)  

(Financial Times 

Women in whistleblowing 

A CEO, whistleblower and campaigner spoke in parliament on international women’s day this year. GB gymnast, Ellie Downie, blew the whistle on abuse in gymnastics and shared the impact it had on her. (GG2 Net)

Environmental whistleblowing concerns 

European Commissions is cracking down on greenwashing in food labels today using their new Green Claims Directive. (Yahoo) 

+ The Financial Conduct Authority said it had identified the “potential for widespread failings” following a review of benchmark compilers, which provide data on the environmental, social and governance credentials of companies for investors. They are concerned it can contribute to greenwashing. (MSN) 

Whistleblowers against sexual harassment  

Anonymous female veteran tells of her first-hand experience of misogyny, bullying and sexual assault in The Army. (ITV) 

+ Wales TUC created a new sexual harassment toolkit for workers to tackle the issue head on. (TUC) 

Health sector catching heat 

Mental health hospital whistleblower flagged concerns multiple times but was ignored, “For a good part of my working life I would have said yes, we are very good at what we do. In recent years I wouldn’t trust this organisation to look after my loved ones and feel they were safe and had their best interests.” (ITV News)