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Weekly News Round-Up/ 12 April

Whistleblowers against sexual harassment  

NHS Chief has applauded staff speaking out against misogyny and harassment and intends to continue this encouragement. (The Times) 

+ Business Reporter describes new legislation working its way through Parliament and the impact this will have on an employer’s responsibility to tackle sexual harassment. (Business Reporter) 

CBI in serious need of effective whistleblowing arrangements

Following an internal investigation, CBI Boss was dismissed for conduct falling short of the standard expected, while the CBI continues to investigate further sexual misconduct claims, including one claim of rape.  (BBC News)

+ Protect quoted in Business Fast. (Business Fast)

+ “Sexual misconduct thrives in a climate of impunity and political apathy”,  Women’s Equality Party speaks up in the wake of CBI misconduct claims, raising wider concerns for women’s safety in Parliament.  (Politics Home)

Misplaced trust 

New report reveals only 7% of recommendations to improve standards have been implemented. (Spotlight on Corruption) 


Net-zero is a vision, not yet a reality. (Financial Times) 

+ First there was green-washing, then there was green-hushing, now there is green-botching. Organisations implementing environmental measures, but very badly, see above for an example perhaps. (Financial Times) 

+ Despite Etihad taking serious steps in the name of sustainability the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency has found insufficient evidence to support their green claims. (AeroTime) 

Toxic trends 

To celebrate workplace conflict awareness month, get educated on how to healthily manage workplace relationships and disagreements. (Entrepreneur) 

+ Rage applying is the new trend seeing employers turn to filing new job applications after mistreatment at work or concerns about toxic workplace cultures. (MSN)