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Weekly News Round-Up / 07 Feb

Your weekly dose of what’s up in whistleblowing.

Whistleblowers at the heart of government.

Boris Johnson prioritises animal charity during Afghan evacuation. (The Guardian)

+ Josie Stewart came forward this week during an interview claiming the Civil Service has become “dangerously politicised”, as well as calling for an external body allowing Civil Servants to safely blow the whistle since negative repercussions of Boris Johnson evacuation matter. (The Guardian)

Cost of living crisis sparks new waves of whistleblowing concerns

British Gas are putting pressure on employees to collect debt from vulnerable customers, and an anonymous British Gas employee is concerned by the ‘force-fitting’ of prepayment meters in customer’s homes, who are struggling with the surging energy prices. (Sky News)

This week’s successes 

Former Employee of ClubsNSW, Troy Stolz, has received a confidential settlement after counter suing his ex-employer for defamation and alleged breaches of the Fair Work Act. This settlement comes only weeks after the CEO, Josh Landis, was let go due to comments about a colleague’s Catholic faith. (The Guardian)

+ The Financial Crime Enforcement Network’s anti-money laundering whistleblowing programme is a hopeful incentivisation for whistleblowers to come forward with money laundering suspicions. The overall aim is to increase the amount of fraudulent tips the network receives to better recognise and combat crime. (Bloomberg Law)

Broken promises of confidentiality

A Zimbabwean national was promised confidentiality by the Home Office when blowing the whistle on abusive and intimidating treatment at her place of work, only to subsequently be contacted by her employer questioning her involvement. (The Guardian)

The long after-effects of whistleblowing

After alleged cover ups in 2022, NHS regulators are not assured by the efforts of the North East Ambulance services to listen and learn from previous whistleblowing concerns. (Chronical Live)

+ “A wholesome society should not have just one voice”- The memorial of Dr. Li Wenliang’s death serves as an important reminder that although the worst of COVID is behind, whistleblowers are still facing punishment for calling out improper practises throughout the pandemic. (inews)

More from environmental whistleblowing…

A recently surfaced video showing concerning footage of sediment and dirt being unearthed during deep sea mining has raised questions surrounding safety implications of untested ocean mining industries. (The Guardian)

Parliament news

This week’s Rishi-shuffle has seen the former Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy split up with energy being given a stand alone department with Net Zero and the remainder – The Department of Business and Trade, now presided over by Kemi Badenoch who has shown interest in hearing from whistleblowers in the past.