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Queen’s Speech fails to mention employment bill or whistleblowing

Protect is disappointed that today’s Queen’s Speech, which marks the start of 2021 Parliamentary session, failed to include the much anticipated employment bill or any mention of whistleblowing law reform – which the Government has pledged to review. The employment bill featured in the last Queen’s Speech but no proposals have been brought forward by the Government. Rather, we have only been told previously that a bill would be introduced “in due course”.

Protect Parliamentary Officer, Kyran Kanda said, “Whistleblowing should be very high on the Government’s agenda.  The Government has previously said it “remains committed to reviewing the UK whistleblowing framework”. It is disappointing that the content of the Speech today does not reflect that commitment and, in Protect’s view, sufficient time has passed since the latest reforms to enable a review to take place”.

In light of today’s Speech, Protect will continue to push the Government to conduct this much needed and overdue review of the whistleblowing framework.

Today’s Speech did highlight proposals where whistleblowing can play a key role. The announcement of a new building safety regulator, social care reforms, environmental targets, and a simplification of public procurement rules are all issues that engage whistleblowing as a method to raise concerns of public interest wrongdoing. Protect will be engaging with MPs and government officials on these issues. You can click here to read our previous blog on plans for a Building Safety regulator.

Protect will keep momentum with its recently launched campaign, ‘Let’s Fix UK Whistleblowing Law’, by writing to MPs to adopt Protect’s draft bill in the upcoming Private Members’ Ballot on May 20.