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All our in-house sessions are developed in consultation with our clients, drawing on years of experience advising individuals on the Whistleblowing Advice Line. Sessions are designed to help organisations develop, embed and operate successful whistleblowing arrangements. Below are the training sessions which we offer.


  • Aimed at senior managers, directors and board members
  • An introduction to the issue, an overview of the law and what it really means in practice
  • An explanation of how whistleblowing procedures can work
  • Practical guidance on how to develop, implement, maintain and report on successful whistleblowing arrangements


  • Senior management will have a good understanding of whistleblowing and their role in driving an open and honest culture, where staff feel able to speak up, in turn helping your risk management and protecting your organisation and stakeholders.


  • A hands-on training workshop, essential for anyone designated under a whistleblowing policy or someone whom staff might approach if they had a potentially serious concern about wrongdoing in your organisation.
  • A masterclass on the subject, the course makes use of case studies and interactive discussion to provide the skills required to respond to concerns and handle them effectively.


  • Your managers will be able to respond confidently and effectively to situations concerning whistleblowing issues.
  • Your managers will be able to handle the whistleblower and promote good practice increasing confidence in the overall organisation: staff that feel their concern is taken seriously and acted on effectively are more likely to speak up in future.


“Very concise and useful information, especially discussion on how to implement in practice” Compliance Manager at Leeds Building Society
“Very informative course, lots of information and delivered really well” General Secretary at Yorkshire Building Society
“Useful information, well presented by a very knowledgeable instructor” Manager at Ofgem
“Delivered exactly what I needed” Head of Consumer Affairs at Ofgem

Tailored training can also be included as part of a bespoke package of support for your organisation.

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