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WIN calls on Australia’s Attorney General to defend whistleblowers

The Whistleblowing International Network (WIN), of which Protect is a member, and 17 whistleblowing protection, anti-corruption, and human rights organisations, have written to Australia’s Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus, to express deep concern about the ongoing criminal prosecution of Australian whistleblowers Mr Richard Boyle and Mr David McBride and to urge him to urgently take steps to restore faith in Australia’s whistleblowing laws.  

Mr Boyle, blew the whistle on serious wrongdoing at the Australian Taxation Office, concerning staff being instructed to use harsher debt collection tactics on small businesses.

Mr McBride, a former Army Lawyer, spoke out on war crimes allegedly committed by Australian forces serving in Afghanistan.

Despite raising matters of serious public interest – and both since vindicated by independent investigations – these prosecutions have continued for over 4 years.

This letter calls for the Attorney-General to urgently intervene to stop the injustice caused by these prosecutions and minimise the chilling effect of these cases.  It is also crucial that Australia’s whistleblowing law is fixed to ensure such cases can never happen again.

Download the letter here

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