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Your Trusted Training Partner in Whistleblowing

Our CPD-accredited training sessions are led by highly skilled Legal Advisers and members of our expert Advice Team. With in-depth knowledge of the legal rights of whistleblowers, our team assists around 3,000 whistleblowers per year and advises organisations on best practices.


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Expertly delivered by legal advisors with experience in legal frameworks, employee rights, operational best practices and effective arrangements.

Enhance Your Speak Up Culture

With over three decades of dedicated experience, Protect is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of whistleblowing. Our membership options grant access to our wealth of knowledge. Join as a Protect Member, and allow us to accompany you on the journey towards a culture defined by openness, trust, and accountability.

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Download the free product brochure to get a detailed overview of our offerings and see how our membership solutions can align with your specific needs.

Account Management

Gain peace of mind with a dedicated contact from our Business Support Team, ready to assist you whenever you need help or support.

Demonstrate Your Commitment

Proudly display our Membership Pledge logo and showcase your active involvement in fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

Connect and Collaborate

We host Members’ Forums and other events throughout the year, offering updates and insights on whistleblowing.

Choose a Level 1 Membership

Suitable for smaller organisations, or those that already have established whistleblowing arrangements in place and are looking for incremental support and advice.

Choose a Level 2 Membership

Suitable for organisations seeking to improve their whistleblowing arrangements and gain valuable insights through the Benchmark assessment tool with comparative data.

Choose a Level 3 Membership

Ideal for those committed to proactive enhancements in their whistleblowing framework, have whistleblowing regulations, or seeking external auditing of their arrangements.

"Protect are our 'go to' team for advice and support. The guidance they provide is always considered, accurate and professional."

– Nationwide

“We have a long-standing relationship with Protect. Most recently, their benchmarking exercise has helped us to validate our Speak Up arrangements.”

– Lloyds Banking Group

"The fact that this is an exercise carried out by Protect, a respected, independent organisation, also gives the results some weight.”

– Warrington Borough Council

Our Members Experience Improved Whistleblowing Practices

By becoming a Protect Member, and signing up to the Pledge, you are actively demonstrating to your staff and stakeholders that you are committed to improving your speak up culture, and will ensure staff and managers are trained to raise and receive concerns.

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities for networking with peers facing similar challenges. Sharing experiences and learning from others can be invaluable in refining an organisation's whistleblowing processes.

Access to Experts

Access to expert guidance and resources that organisations might not have in-house. This can include specialised knowledge on whistleblowing best practices, legal frameworks, and practical advice on implementing effective whistleblowing arrangements.

Reputation Protection

A well-functioning whistleblowing system helps protect an organisation's reputation. Timely addressing of concerns and demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices can prevent damage to the organisation's image.

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