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Strong whistleblowing procedures are the lifeline local authorities need right now

Protect Interim Chief Executive, Jon Cunningham appears in the latest issue of Public Sector Focus discussing why it is vital local authorities have in place strong whistleblowing arrangements.

“Overburdened, under-funded and under-pressure they maybe but now more than ever local authorities need robust whistleblowing procedures as standard good governance – it could help prevent or stop serious wrongdoing as they face the squeeze.

Whistleblowing. It’s a word that can still divide people, but at Protect, we believe whistleblowing is a good thing.  We’re in the business of whistleblowing and for the past 25 years have been helping people speak up over workplace concerns.  Fraud, patient safety, food safety concerns and governance  in schools – the concerns we advise on are diverse. We also support organisations create best practice whistleblowing cultures. It’s a no-brainer – your staff are the eyes, ears and often the beating heart of an organisation and staff are very often the first to become aware of any risk or wrongdoing in the workplace.

Protect, formerly known as Public Concern at Work,  supports around 300 organisations from all sectors, the financial services sector, NHS, construction, transport, retail, education, as well as many local authorities. Our Business Team offers training, consultancy, policy reviews, and ongoing support through access to our Protect advice line for an organisation’s employees who wish to raise a concern externally. Sadly, many organisations come to see the benefit of our work and how whistleblowing works as a risk governance tool only after a particularly unsavoury scandal has hit the press.”  Read the Public Sector Focus article in full