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Whistleblowing Draft Bill Survey

Protect is launching a new draft Whistleblowing Bill to ensure the UK’s law remains the best in the world. We want to hear your views on our Bill and why its so urgently needed.


Our Whistleblowing Bill - take our survey to tell us your views


For many years, the UK led the way in providing workplace protection for whistleblowers.

However, new laws, for example in Ireland and Australia, together with the introduction of a new EU Whistleblowing Directive to be rolled out across Europe by 17 December 2021 means workers’ rights in the UK are in danger of falling behind.

As the UK's only whistleblowing charity, Protect, formerly Public Concern at Work, played a key role in lobbying and campaigning for PIDA which has gone on to protect many, many people. It is also been the basic blueprint for many international whistleblowing laws. But 21 years plus since PIDA was introduced, we recognise there is a need for urgent reform. Piecemeal changes have failed to address the many loopholes that exist and there has failed to be a review of the law, despite our calls.

We want the same EU protection as a minimum standard for whistleblowers in the UK and believe the law should require more of employers, particularly in relation to preventing victimisation of whistleblowers in the workplace.

So, 21 years on since lobbying for PIDA, Protect is once more campaigning for whistleblower legislation and when the new Government is in post, we'll be pressing them to introduce new legislation to ensure UK whistleblowing protection continues to be the best in the world.

Whether you have been a whistleblower, or you handle and manage concerns as part of your job role, whether you're an academic or a trade union rep, a volunteer or anyone who isn't currently protected by the law, or you simply believe in the enormous role whistleblowers play in our society, we want to hear your views on our draft Whistleblowing Bill.