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Protect join new whistleblowing research group Parrhesia as policy advisers

Protect has been asked to join new whistleblowing research charity Parrhesia – which launched on on World Whistleblower Day – as a policy adviser.

Parrhesia is focussed on the practice, protection, and promotion of whistleblowing in the UK by producing research to inform policymakers and practitioners alike.

Parrhesia is led by Ian Foxley, the whistleblower behind the Airbus-GPT corruption scandal in Saudi Arabia, and brings together experts in academia, policy, and practice to make sure protection for whistleblowers is evidence led, and best practice is shared.

He said, “Our work is collegiate, and we also exist to be a forum for discussion; bringing people together across the field of whistleblowing to share best-practice, identify common-ground, and share ideas.

“You’ll see just from the people we have involved, from the academics on our Academic Council, the experts on our Policy Advisory Group, the strength of our Board of Trustees that there is a huge appetite for this work to be carried out – and we have the right people to do it”.

Protect Chief Executive Liz Gardiner said, “We’re pleased to contribute to Parrhesia as policy adviser. Protect has almost 30 years of experience advising whistleblowers, supporting best practice in employment, and campaigning for reform. Academic research adds value to our understanding of whistleblowing, and helps us make the case for policy and legislative change.”

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