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Protect Head of Advice & Advocacy to speak at Cork University event

Protect’s Head of Advice & Advocacy Bob Matheson will join a high profile debate hosted by the University of Cork on March 2, in event ‘Whistleblowing and Advocacy Groups.’

Joining Bob will be John Devitt, Chief Executive of Transparency International (TI)’s chapter in Ireland and Amanda Hitt, the founder and director of the Food Integrity Campaign of the Government Accountability Project to speak about their experiences of working with whistleblowers, and the best practices,  and lessons learned.

Whistleblowing and Advocacy Groups is the second webinar in the series “External partners: When disclosures are made outside the organization” run in conjunction with NUI Galway, Maynooth University and the team.

Bob manages our legal advice centre, and  in his six years with Protect, has directly advised over 2000 whistleblowers, and supervised the advice of many more.

In addition to his work with the advice services at Protect, Bob also leads on the charity’s legal intervention work, where Protect make independent representations to the senior courts on key whistleblowing cases. Most recently, this involved a case in the UK’s Supreme Court considering whether judges should have whistleblowing rights.

Bob has spoken around the world on the topic of whistleblowing and has regularly contributed to media content covering the topic. Much of this has been in Scotland where Bob has contributed to a government review into whistleblowing in the police service; sat on the working group which developed whistleblowing standards for NHS Scotland; and gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Select Committee on whistleblowing in the health service.

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