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Extending the meaning of worker. Section 15 of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

Interpretative provisions of 1996 Act

15 - (1) At the end of section 230 of the 1996 Act (employees, workers etc) there is inserted -

"(6) This section has effect subject to sections 43K and 47B(3); and for the purposes of Part XIII so far as relating to Part IVA or section 47B, "worker", "worker's contract" and, in relation to a worker, "employer", "employment" and "employed" have the extended meaning given by section 43K."

(2) In section 235 of the 1996 Act (other definitions) after the definition of "position" there is inserted-

"protected disclosure" has the meaning given by section 43A,"

Explanatory Note

This provision amends the interpretative provisions in the ERA to provide that the definition of "workers" in s.230 is given the extended meaning in s.43K (supra) for the purposes of this Act.

It also provides that the term "protected disclosure" which is inserted (by ss.2 and 5 supra) into other parts of the ERA has the meaning given by s.1 PIDA, s.43A ERA.